Monday, 2021-07-05

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klysm  :)14:58
klysmhappy Independence Day!14:58
lkclklysm: nice15:08
programmerjakesasi8985 btw, the cpuid bug got fixed, run:19:12
programmerjakepip install --upgrade yowasp-yosys19:12
programmerjakethis bug:
sasi8985 okay i will try19:13
programmerjakeah, just realized that I reported the bug on the wrong yosys package...oops. nmigen-yosys is the one that still needs fixing, luckily you can bypass needing the failing program by compiling and installing your own copy of yosys from:
programmerjakenmigen-yosys bug:
programmerjakesasi8985 ^19:26
programmerjakesasi8985 nmigen-yosys got fixed, update with: pip install --upgrade nmigen-yosys19:43
sasi8985Sure will try19:45
lkclha, matrix multiply works23:35
programmerjakenow for vector-matrix and matrix-vector multiplication, and outer product (column vector * row vector, or the other way around icr)23:41

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