Tuesday, 2021-07-06

programmerjakeshould be pretty simple, just set the appropriate input dimensions to 100:27
lkclyes. vectors turn out to be degenerate cases of matrices.09:28
lkclthe one very useful property of REMAP is that even for vectors it can do "spanning"09:29
lkcl(jumping register numbers)09:29
lkclr0 r3 r6 r9 r12 for a VL of 509:29
lkclyou set REMAP up *as if* you were going to do a 2D matrix (3x5)09:30
lkclbut then actually set VL equal to one row (or column)09:30
programmerjakecan it do mat-mul where there's 64 output elements -- 8x8 matrix by 8x8 matrix in one instruction? maybe as VL=64 subvl=409:31
programmerjakeor, more useful for graphics, a vector of 4 4x4 matrixes each individually multiplied by a 4x4 matrix09:34
lkcli haven't looked at subvl yet09:52
lkclbeyond VL=64 i'd be more comfortable if we said, "just use an outer explicit loop"09:52
sasi8985programmerjake: https://pastebin.ubuntu.com/p/VSPGSW6Sys/ i am still getting this error after updating10:47
programmerjakewhat does it output if you run with the environment var RUST_BACKTRACE=110:54
programmerjakesasi8985 ^10:54
sasi8985i didn't try i will do that10:55
sasi8985https://pastebin.ubuntu.com/p/vpSP8F26Xr/ detailed backtrace11:03
programmerjakewhich versions of wasmtime are installed via pip?11:05
sasi8985how to check that?11:06
sasi8985wasmtime --version wasmtime: command not found11:07
programmerjakepip3 list | grep wasmtime11:08
sasi8985wasmtime 0.21.011:09
programmerjakepip3 install wasmtime==0.27.011:12
programmerjakeit should work after that11:13
sasi8985okay i will try11:14
sasi8985its working11:14
programmerjakewell, bye, I need to sleep, it's 3am here11:16
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lkcl|btw is anyone also logged in to freenode still? if so could you drop everyone a message that we've moved to Libera (and are bridging to OFTC)?19:43
lkcl|toshywoshy: openpowerbot's dropped off of libera, but is still connected to OFTC?19:44
lkcl|lxo programmerjake  cesar ^22:41
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rsclkcl: Jitsi link would be appreciated...but only as a one-timer (Query?)23:02

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