Friday, 2021-07-09

lkclquite a nice discussion developing on ycombinator
lkclprogrammerjake, thanks for the update about phoronix00:33
lkclbtw did you click the "upvote" link on the slashdot submission?00:33
lkclcomments on "submissions" don't make it through to the "real" article if accepted00:33
lkclhit the "+" button
programmerjakeyeah, I did upvote it. that is publicly visible afaict -- the (+1) next to my comment01:07
mepyhow are you?10:01
programmerjakegood, glad to finally get some chips made!10:02
mepyYES, I have seen that. Very cool !10:03
programmerjakecan't talk much at the moment since it's 2am here and I need to sleep10:04
programmerjakelkcl should be up soonish if you want to talk to him :)10:05
programmerjakewell, glad to see you, but I should go to sleep. bye!10:10
mepyOh, no problem Jake :)10:48
lkclVertical-First works19:39
lkclunit test for DFT butterfly with VF mode also works19:40
*** programmerjake-t <programmerjake-t!~programme@2600:6c54:7600:eba:9997:9507:8a24:7b0f> has left #libre-soc22:25
programmerjakeZink has opengl es 3.2:
programmerjake> So now it’s done, and that means zink is finished. I don’t expect there will be any more work to do now that the final boss has been defeated. Don’t even bother trying to file bug reports.22:29

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