Monday, 2021-07-12

analognoiseHi everyone, I'm looking for more information about the implementation of the OoO scheduling, which is apparently after the fashion of the CDC6600. Where's the best place to begin looking in the codebase?05:54
analognoiseOr books, notes, whatever - any resources whatsoever.05:55
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cesarRelevant design notes can be found at:
lkclanalognoise, start here with source code;a=blob;f=src/soc/experiment/;hb=HEAD13:46
lkcli haven't run that for over 18 months, focussing instead on getting the Power ISA pipelines (Comp Units) in place13:48
lkclcesar: ty15:27
lkclanalognoise: some of those notes are from a couple of book chapters by Mitch Alsup, designed to extend James Thornton's original book, "Design of a Computer"15:27
lkclif you email me indicating that you intend to credit Mitch Alsup as the source of the information (and pass on that exact same condition to anyone else) i can send you the two chapters.15:28
lkclthis is a condition requested by the author, Mitch Alsup.  the chapters are CC-Attribution in effect.15:28
analognoiseYes, that's exactly the kind of thing I'm looking for; thank you, I'll email you.17:11
lkcloops he's gone17:54
lxois there a web page or document or whatever that formally specifies the asm syntax of the svp64 extensions?  I recall a while ago, when I was starting it, there was no such thing, and the asm syntax was in flux.  I suppose it may have settled by now?21:17
lkcllxo: the best source is the SVP64Asm class22:50
lkclline 566 is where the qualifiers start22:50
lkclyou'll need an auto-generated c header-file version of the information read from the ISA() class instance and the SVP64RM (REMAP) class instance22:52
lkcllines 157 and 15822:52
lkclSVP64RM reads the auto-generated CSV files created by sv_analysis.py22:55
lkclthe only change made in 5 months (since it was written about 5 months ago) was an additional bit-reverse mode to LD/ST.22:57
lxothanks.  yeah, the timing sounds about right.23:06
programmerjakelkcl can you ask libera to set requireMatrixJoined to false for #libre-soc? it being set is causing the bridge to stop relaying messages as a privacy measure when the irc/matrix user lists are out-of-sync, I missed the question from lxo because of it23:17
lkclprogrammerjake: can you ask on #libera if it's within their control or if it's something that only a chanop can do?23:23
lkclmention that i've submitted the request by email to have #libre-soc registered.23:23
programmerjakeyeah, just joined #libera23:23
programmerjakeI asked, hopefully they'll respond...wondering if the bridge is just borked since I don't see any traffic on #libera other than people joining/leaving23:34

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