Monday, 2021-07-26

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ghostmansd-pcHi everyone. $(git pull origin master --rebase) on libreriscv repo fails. Did something changed?05:11
ghostmansd-pcFATAL: R any libreriscv dmitry3mdeb DENIED by fallthru05:12
ghostmansd-pc$(ssh does not show anything related to libreriscv, only riscv-isa-sim and riscv-tests.05:13
ghostmansd-pcHm, I see the name's changed. Is the problem related to underscores?05:16
ghostmansd-pcI've updated the docs with the new chapter depicting the transition from `` to ``; this chapter is intended to serve as a bridge between the test and the decoder.06:46
ghostmansd-pcPlease, ping me, when the git is available again; I'd like to push the changes.06:47
ghostmansd-pcThe new chapter depicts the flow up to the point we invoke ``.06:47
lkclyeah i know, i have no idea.... arghh, i know what it is: i upgraded gitolite3.10:27
lkclto try to "fix" that security problem10:28
lkcli've downgraded to 3.6.6-1 again, it should be back10:33
lkclghostmansd: it was "available"... just not for the libreriscv repo.10:38
lkclregardless of what was in the conf file, the entire repo did not appear - at all - in the ssh access.10:38
lkclconfirmed it's fixed by a downgrade.10:39
ghostmansdlkcl: pushed, I'll continue on extending the docs.15:21
ghostmansdlkcl: I think it might be a good option to extend the doc from there on in course of bug 656; what do you think?15:23
lkcldoh 656 not 646 1 sec15:23
lkclyes great idea15:24
ghostmansdI mean, the doc will still be about add instruction, but I think I need to spend some time really investigating the decoder :-)15:24
ghostmansdThe discussion was quite fast on this part, perhaps too fast for a newbie like me15:25
lkclit was a glimpse.15:25
lkcljust looking at the wiki, it's not in "recent changes", will look at the git logs15:26
ghostmansdAh, yep, I need to cross-link it15:29
ghostmansdWould [link_test](full_url_as_in_wiki) be sufficient?15:30
lkclikiwiki just needed a poke to rebuild the recentchanges.mdwn15:31
lkclif the URL is part of the wiki just use standard [[wikipagename]]15:31
ghostmansd-pca quick question on class MicroOp: it uses manually-entered "enum" values. Why not auto()?15:31
lkclif it's somewhere else in the tree hierarchy use [[subdirectory/actualpage]]15:32
lkclbecause the numbers matter when it comes to reading them and trying to check against the HDL simulation gtkwave output15:32
lkclif it was "auto", and there was some random number inserted into the VCD trace files, how would you know what that number actually meant?15:33
lkclthen, we add another one, and accidentally someone inserts it in the middle, and oh whoops all the numbers changed, "wtf moment"15:33
ghostmansd-pcPerhaps I could have a map between enum values and strings. But fair point, yeah.15:34
lkclwe already have that with "asmcode" which is the index into the list of instructions, there's over 256 of them, we have absolutely no idea which number refers to which actual asmcoed15:34 _insns, lists all instructions, it wasn't originally intended to actually go into the HDL15:35
lkcl"from the src/openpower/decoder/isa/" - these could do with linking to the actual URL in git.libre-soc.org15:35
lkclin that case...15:35
lkclwhich i will do, i have the URL now15:36
lkclha, it got the font right but the colour is borked, because it's a link.  doh :)15:38
ghostmansd-pc how about cross-linking here?15:38
ghostmansd-pc* First steps for a newbie developer: [[docs/firststeps]]15:38
lkclyes.  ok so that would be [[3d_gpu/architecture/decoder]]15:39
ghostmansd-pclkcl: I'm wondering if we have some script to convert from microwatt's decode1.vhdl to our CSVs?17:56
ghostmansd-pcor at least legend to CSV form, like decode1.vhdl has17:56
ghostmansd-pc--                       unit  fac   internal      in1         in2          in3   out   CR   CR   inv  inv  cry   cry  ldst  BR   sgn  upd  rsrv 32b  sgn  rc    lk   sgl  rpt17:56
lkclghostmansd: they should be the same fields, except sigh, microwatt added one new field last month, and i added a new one.18:43
lkclbut the ones that are the same names are the same fields18:44
lkclabout the startup tutorial: i thought about it, and actually i'm happy for you to a completely separate one with a separate budget for the BCD instructions, "how to add new instructions"18:44
lkclif you can add a section to the first one, "modify the pseudocode CSV to be a subtract instead of an add" and everything else we went through18:46
lkclthen i'm happy to declare that one done18:46

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