Wednesday, 2021-08-04

richardwilbur[m]* So my older daughter is interested in a laptop of her own to take to high school during the day and be able to bring home and work on assignments at night.  I checked on the site and the Pinebook didn’t seem to be available and the Pinebook Pro is sold out.  I inquired via E-mail and they added me to the standby list with expectations of an announcement in Q4.  She was considering a Chromebook because she has enough00:37
richardwilbur[m]money saved up to buy it herself.00:37
richardwilbur[m]I was suggesting one of the Pinebooks as it seemed with ARM ISA it should avoid some of the security vulnerabilities of Intel and AMD processors and the management processors in their chipsets.01:13
programmerjakeok, framework's laptops don't appear to avoid those...but they are better than most competitors in terms of repairability/upgradability afaict01:22
programmerjakealso, ARM has TrustZone, so you may not be avoiding that stuff -- iirc AMD's management stuff is based on having an embedded Arm core and relying on TrustZone01:24
richardwilbur[m]programmerjake: Thanks for the tip.  I’ll look at the framework laptops.  I don’t know how much she has saved for the laptop.01:25
richardwilbur[m]I know what you mean about the used intel laptops being inexpensive.  I upgraded the memory on my wife’s machine from, it seems, 4GiB to 16GiB.  It already had a big SSD.01:25
programmerjakeone other benefit of x86 is software compatibility -- she may be required to run software for school that doesn't work on Arm01:27
programmerjakethough you could always use a VM...01:28
programmerjakeone other thing to watch out for Arm is: until very recently the cpus were waay slower than x86, if the cpu is more than 2-3 years old your likely to wish you didn't buy Arm unless it's super cheap01:32

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