Wednesday, 2021-09-08

lkclLas[m], i forgot to ask: you are running the dev-env-setup script for the coriolis2-chroot?08:50
lkclnot, "read the instructions and follow them manually"?08:50
lkcltoshywoshy: openpowerbot's happy with irc but not mattermost (#microwatt, #openpower all not up-to-date)09:06
Las[m]<lkcl> "Las, i forgot to ask: you are..." <- Yep.10:00
Las[m]I ran the script manually lkcl10:01
*** kylel1 is now known as kylel12:40
lkclkylel, looks great15:00
lkclthe number of times that function is called is so ridiculously high, if "python3 simple/test/ >& /tmp/f" works you can feel confident committing it15:02
lkclsee how the API is "emerging" rather than being "defined in advance"?15:02
lkclit's a strange but quite fascinating process whereby you leverage the existing code to ensure functional correctness15:03
lkcland go through a series of "annealing" code-morphs to *end up* with the target design15:04
lkclparadoxically, the smaller those changes, the better.15:04
lkclyou'd think counter-intuitively that to create massive end-results you'd have to "do work" in massive monolithic commits15:05
lkclLas[m], for sheer hilarity i'm just running the coriolis2-schroot script *inside* another schroot :)15:14
lkclLas[m], did you also get, "E: Couldn't download packages: libdns-export110416:19
lkclwhich tends to suggest a severe problem with debian debootstrap16:20
lkclfirst i've ever encountered something that serious16:20
* lkcl re-running to make sure it's not just a transient error16:23
lkclok, it's a transient error16:32
lkcl(symbiflow)root@fizzy:/home/lkcl/src/dev-env-setup# schroot -c coriolis16:34
lkclE: std::bad_alloc16:34
lkclwhat the heeeelll is going on16:36
lkclsome f*****g bullshit systemd directory16:38
lkclwhich if it doesn't exist causes schroot to segfault16:38
lkclthat's a severe policy violation for a debian package16:38
lkclcategory 4. important.16:40
Las[m]At least the error is reproducible17:25
lkclmkdir /run/systemd/userdb on the *host* machine (!!)17:29
lkclnot the chroot17:30
lkclthe *host*17:30
Las[m]Thanks, I'll try doing that17:39
lkclLas[m], there's a lot more i need to sort out18:39
lkclthis was all "fine" when using the bare-metal chroot type18:39
lkclbut it required MANUAL bind-mounting of /run /tmp /dev etc.18:40
lkclwhich was intrusive for the host18:40
lkcli'm also adding apt-acquire-retries "10" to the configs, i'm getting fed up with my ISP18:46
* lkcl pushed the current mods to coriolis2-chroot script19:03
lkclLas[m], am re-running it again (for the 4th^W6th time)19:03
lkclapt-acquire-retry seems to be helping, i've seen at least one warning "error retrying" already (!)19:04
lkcldang had *another* ISP hissy-fit, had to add something to compensate for "bad proxy"20:52
kyleli was fed up with mine yesterday21:32
kylelyield is frustrating me in the test class21:34
programmerjakemeeting in 22min21:38

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