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Veera[m]lkcl: Bug 654, is only support for arty A7-100T fpga needed04:06
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lkclVeera[m], yes10:04
lkclalthough it is a simple matter to include the other two, 35t and 200t10:04
lkclby just including their respective databases10:04
octaviusHi all, I've been looking at the HDL workflow ikiwiki page and currently setting up the dependencies on Debian 10.10 (Buster), as this was the distro I saw mentioned in the dev-env-setup.git repo. The wiki page section 6 mentions python-nosetest3, however apt cannot find this package. After checking "install-hdl-apt-reqs" script I noticed python3-nose is installed instead (I guess the names changed at12:01
octaviussome point). Is it worthwhile to install the packages listed in the HDL workflow, or should I use the "install-hdl-apt-reqs" script instead?12:01
octaviusOh, apologies, didn't read thoroughly enough. I'll use the scripts as suggested. Although probably worth changing python-nosetest3 to python3-nose on the wiki page.12:07
Veera[m]Correctly this must be correct; install-hdl-apt-reqs12:08
octaviusThank you12:08
Veera[m]s/Correctly this must be correct; install-hdl-apt-reqs/install-hdl-apt-reqs script must be correct/12:08
Veera[m]first test if after change it is working then update ikiwiki12:09
octaviusTrying to do "git clone", is this not the correct url for the repo?12:10
Veera[m]thats not correct see start page for example12:14
octaviusThanks, just noticed that. Unfortunately I get an access error:12:19
octaviusfatal: unable to access '': Failed sending HTTP request12:19
Veera[m]git clone
Veera[m]use https12:20
Veera[m]slow unreliable ineternet12:21
octaviusThat's the link I used, with https12:21
octaviusI did manually download the git clone
Veera[m]which type internet connection are you using?12:21
octaviusignore the previous message, mis-copied12:22
Veera[m]can you browse https pages?12:22
octaviusMy internet is broadband, about 3MB/s. Yeah I can browse the following webpages: ";a=tree"12:22
Veera[m]which OS?12:23
octaviusok just fixed it, I changed the "https" to "http". Didn't like the secured version for some reason. I'm using Debian 10.10 (buster)12:24
Veera[m]In a terminal type exactly "git clone"12:24
Veera[m]In my end I can clone it.12:24
octaviusFor me only the http version worked12:24
octaviusnot sure why, this a fresh install12:24
octaviusAnyway, I ran the install-hdl-apt-reqs script and had no errors12:25
octaviusI'll look at the other scripts to setup the rest of the environment12:26
Veera[m]firewall may be blocking it12:26
Veera[m]Are you using Debian Buster12:26
octaviusYeah, Debian Buster version 10.1012:26
octaviusA stackoverflow page suggests it's a CA certificate issue:
octaviusAh, I disabled git SSL verification to test if the CA cert was the issue, still can't clone with https. And my ca-certificates packages is up to date.12:32
Veera[m]does command "dpkg -l" lists  ca-certificates12:32
octaviusGrep'ing for "ca-certificates" lists Common CA certificates (20200601~deb10u2) and a JKS keystore (20190405)12:35
Veera[m]which country residence?12:37
Veera[m]Am from India and it is working nicely!12:38
Veera[m]Perhaps, Luke can debug or help!12:38
octaviusLuckily this isn't too critical at the moment, but I'll try on my other pc's and see if it's a debian issue. Thanks for your help Veera!12:39
kylelare you getting a https/2 error with git?12:40
octaviusNo, I'm getting "Failed sending HTTP request"12:42
kylelmaybe same thing, there is an issue with curl12:42
Veera[m]git uses libcurl12:43
octaviusAre you referring to this:
octaviuslibcurl3-gnutls from backports breaks git http12:45
octaviusHowever setting the url to http (instead of https) worked for me, I guess it bypassed libcurl altogether12:46
Veera[m]which git version using?12:47
Veera[m]i have 2.20.112:47
Veera[m]is it backport one12:49
octaviusNot sure12:51
octaviusdpkg -l or apt install don't show me the details12:51
Veera[m]yes it is backports one12:52
Veera[m]dpkg -l shows it ending with bpo12:52
octaviusAh, didn't realise bpo meant that. I guess I could use the stable version instead?12:54
Veera[m]yes use stable version.12:57
Veera[m]does any other software depends on backport version12:57
Veera[m]* backport version?12:57
octaviusI don't think so, at least apt-rdepends doesn't state git-2.30.2 anywhere as a dependency13:10
Veera[m]newer version of git have new features. I thought you might have need for them in your projects.13:12
Veera[m]octavius dow you have about us page13:13
octaviusno, this IRC conversation is the first time I reached out to libre-soc team. I was planning to setup the environment and the SOC files, and looking at bug lists before adding myself. The wiki says to introduce myself on the mailing list, but I wasn't sure about it. I'll do it today.13:21
Veera[m]Yes. Introduce yourself in mailing list.13:24
octaviusWill do. Thanks again for the help, I'll be back later.13:37
lkclthank you kylel and Veera[m] for helping octavius out, there14:06
lkclfor future reference, generally what i do when people spot errors in the docs is: point out that they themselves can edit and correct the error!14:06
lkclthis is not always something that people realise is even possible14:07
lkcli upgraded ca-certificates on the server, let's see if that helps14:29
Veera[m]lkcl: if I remember I also had same or similar problem with git-backports14:31
Veera[m]octavius did not reply if problem is solved14:32
lkclhe worked it out (and used the devscripts) but now left (maybe he will see this in irclogs - hello octavius if you do :) )14:57
lkclLas[m], i'm slowly having to crank up the extreme-ness of the options to apt, to get it to stop failing due to my ISP's (extremely broken) transparent HTTP proxy15:19
lkclthis is the latest attempt
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jnwould it help to use HTTPS to bypass the broken HTTP proxy?15:38
jni think recent versions of apt can use HTTPS out of the box15:39
Veera[m]apt-transport-https package15:45
lkcljn: probably not.16:00
lkclngggggh frickin env vars.16:14
lkclthe "plain" schroot worked perfectly (but had to have explicit mount points)16:14
lkcl"directory" schroots try to be far too clever and are being a damn nuisance16:15
Las[m]Honestly this is the exact reason you should use Nix: It's actually reproducible17:14
programmerjakelkcl, I'd expect https to help, since any proxy has to just tunnel the raw bytes through unmodified (unless they do something crazy like they do in Kazakhstan iirc where the decrypt and reencrypt https so they can spy/block and everyone has to install the govt.'s ssl key)21:50
octaviusI did see the logs luke, very convient to have the history right there ;)22:25
octaviusI'll participate more tomorrow (by trying to edit the wiki first), see you all later22:27

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