Monday, 2021-09-13

madan_kartheessaHello Adithya13:13
Adithya_GopanHi, Madan13:13
*** Adithya_Gopan <Adithya_Gopan!~Adithya_G@2405:201:e004:386e:9ce0:6ac3:649c:a225> has left #libre-soc13:13
*** Adithya_Gopan <Adithya_Gopan!~Adithya_G@2405:201:e004:386e:9ce0:6ac3:649c:a225> has left #libre-soc13:16
lkcltoshywoshy, bot needs a kick for mattermost bridging14:58
openpowerbot[irc] <lkcl> to OFTC is working fine14:59
lkclit also stopped talking to microwatt mattermost as well15:00
jn "it's real: the first assembled MNT RKX7. an open hardware kintex-7 fpga SoM with many peripherals for MNT Reform (or other projects)."21:59

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