Tuesday, 2021-09-14

Las[m]Is https://www.digikey.co.uk/en/products/detail/lattice-semiconductor-corporation/LFE5UM-45F-VERSA-EVNG/5222128 fine for Libre-SoC? It seems to be an ECP5, and seems to have 45k LUTs.16:26
Las[m]I looked into https://radiona.org/ulx3s/ but it doesn't seem to be buyable16:30
lkclLas[m], yes. it's not ideal, being only 45K LUT4s, but it will work up to a point16:52
lkclthere's a new ECP5 FPGA board being designed, if you contact tpearson on #talos-workstation he should be able to tell you about it16:52
lkclif you aim to help out long-term we should be able to justify donating one to you16:53
lkclwe have a BTC budget of (currently, estimated) USD 5,000 which was donated to us and plan to use pretty much all of it to buy Raptor ECP5 FPGA Boards.16:53
Las[m]The NLnet foundation would buy the FPGA for me, so it's not necessary!16:54
lkcli've also got a Digilent Arty A7-100t, Veera[m] is working on building symbiflow, but even when that's done it still needs a bit of work integrating into nmigen, litex, etc. etc.16:55
lkclLas[m]: cool!16:55
lkclah then definitely contact tpearson and let him know that.16:55
lkclin fact, get a Base Board with *two* ECP5 ModBMC modules16:56
lkclbecause we plan to do SMP inter-communication between two of them16:56
lkclLas[m], what's your email address again? can you send me a message about the FPGAs, i'll cc you to tpearson.17:20
Las[m]lkcl: me@las.rs17:22
Chips4Makers[m]Las: ULX3S can be bought from the [crowdsupply site](https://www.crowdsupply.com/radiona/ulx3s); there should be 85K version available.17:54
Las[m]Thanks, I'll take a look at that20:21

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