Tuesday, 2021-09-21

programmerjakebasically just push your changes to master after testing them00:06
programmerjakelkcl, we should start thinking about maybe changing that system since it only works if there aren't many people contributing...we're no longer just 3-4 people00:08
Las[m]You could optionally try making use of Gitea or similar to have GH-style PRs10:36
Las[m]Or you could just use e-mails10:36
ghostmansdHi folks, I'm back from sick leave, it took longer than expected. I'll be able to start where I left on weekends, though.14:17
lkclghostmansd, star14:17
kylellkcl, the state class is broke on your commit.  there's no depth attribute on the sim side (at least that I could find...which is why I walked the list)15:15
lkclkylel, argh, my fault, i walked away from the laptop last night without committing the fix after discovering that15:44
lkclok done, pushed15:46
lkclwhat i meant was, call the new get_mem() *and* call the *existing* (old, soon-to-be-replaced) check_sim_memory() function15:47
lkclthen, deliberately break ISACaller (by temporarily editing decoder/isa/fixedload.py to produce totally wrong data)15:48
lkcland check that they both find the error15:48
lkclreally we need proper unit tests for TestState to make sure it actually detects borked memory (and regs)15:48
lkcli'm not entirely sure how to test that *unit tests* actually raise exceptions!15:49
kylelmy method is to undo my actions that bork them :)15:50
kylelNeed assertfalse15:50
lkclah ha!15:50
lkclno it's very simple15:50
lkclbecause we don't want to have to develop one set of code which has assertFalse *instead* of assertTrue15:51
kylelnice and simple15:57
lkclyes. and makes sure that the *actual* unit test code can be tested [for expected failures] without TestState needing to be modified.16:39
lkcli'd seen that trick somewhere.16:40
programmerjakeLas: the last time we discussed using gitea: https://bugs.libre-soc.org/show_bug.cgi?id=13118:18
Las[m]programmerjake: Thanks for the link, not sure I can help set up Gitea if it's not NixOS.18:31
Las[m]I think what I'll do is make a separate branch somewhere, which one of you can review and merge if you want18:32
Las[m]For comments, etc., we could just use this channel18:32
kylellkcl, check_mem checks out.18:50
lkclack, excellent20:00
lkclLas[m], the time and cost of anything like gitea is too great.20:00
lkclgitolite3 combined with gitweb is bare-bones and minimal attack surface20:01
Las[m]I don't think the attack surface is too important if you sandbox it and sign your commits20:01
Las[m]And manually push commits from some Gitea-controlled repository to some public mirror20:02
programmerjakealso, gitea is quite lightweight...nothing like gitlab21:49

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