Monday, 2021-09-20

lkclLas[m], excellent.02:01
lkclcesar, not at all!02:01
lkclcesar, i'm not seeing a failure here02:03
lkclthen again, i'm not seeing the usual output02:04
lkclyep, found it02:06
lkclyep, not a problem - working fine02:07
lkclyou need to update openpower-isa and possible re-run pywriter noall fixedarith02:08
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cesarThanks for checking. It must be something on my end, then. I'll investigate.10:11
lkclkylel, you saw i allocated a budget of EUR 600 for the Test API for you?18:24
kylelno I did not18:33
lkclwell, it's there now.18:34
kylelawesome, thank you18:39
* lkcl am just messing up the memory-checking...18:41
kylelsounds ominous18:52
mikolajwlkcl: is there any due date for Bug 665 (Nmigen to C converter)? I'm not focusing on it right now (fixing remaining bugs in KiCad before release). Please let me know if you need me to hurry, I'll adjust20:35
lkclahh kicad, i remember it...21:20
lkclmikolajw, no no rush21:20
lkclprobably about 4-6 weeks before it hits "really should be starting now" stage21:20
lkclkylel, hmm i have an idea, if you could run *both* the functions (the existing mem check as well)?21:22
lkclLas[m], give me a shout when you need write perms to any given repo, i'll add you. wiki is the only one so far21:22
kylelboth?  Not quite following you...21:36
kylelUnless you mean with what you may have yet to commit.22:35
Las[m]lkcl Maybe I should get a branch on the soc repo23:13
Las[m]I'm still unsure of how the contribution workflow is supposed to happen since there is no PR system23:13

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