Monday, 2021-09-27

mehulWhen I'm trying to schroot using command "schroot -c libresoc", I am getting a permission error.09:10
mehulE: Access not authorised09:10
mehulI: You do not have permission to access the schroot service.09:10
mehulI: This failure will be reported.09:10
mehulCan someone help?09:10
lkclmehul: this is for the university of oregon server, i can tell.11:53
lkclthe setup/config for that server is non-standard11:54
lkclwhen your user was created, it wasn't added correctly to the right groups11:54
lkcli will ssh in to the server and add you to the right groups, now11:54
lkcli just realised, you're not here, so i can't ask you what your userid is on the server11:55
ghostmansdthis one isn't as awful as you might think16:23
programmerjakelkcl: in;a=blob;f=src/openpower/decoder/;hb=9a2b92560c2b8ecb3ed193608e6cb3a7d4d483ed#l46519:52
programmerjakeinstead of: getattr(sys.modules[ISACallerHelper.__module__], attr)19:52
programmerjakeyou can just do globals()[attr]19:53
programmerjake(with translating KeyError to the correct exception)19:53
lkclah cool. neat hack20:01
lkclghostmansd[m], ^20:01
programmerjakeghostmansd[m] ^20:06
programmerjakematrix somehow missed translating lkcl's message into a notification...maybe the [m] threw it off...20:08
lkclprogrammerjake, deep breath: we're now the maintainers of a hard fork of nmigen20:09
programmerjakelkcl, is complete? iirc all we needed was a git tag...if so please mark as fixed20:10
lkclyes, it is, yes i added the tag20:10
programmerjakewait, what?!20:10
lkcldid i push it?20:10
lkclyeah i know20:10
programmerjakethe wiki also needs a git tag20:11
programmerjake(since it's svp64 docs)20:11
lkcloh... errr...20:12
lkclyes good point20:12
lkcl458's now quite a high priority
lkclwith ghostmansd[m] on XLEN of ISACaller, 458 needs to be ready round about the same time20:15
lkclso that they can test each other20:15
lkcldid you put in the RFP for #699 yet?20:16
lkclthat's quite a (nice) big one20:16
programmerjakei'll work on #458 shortly20:17
lkclack, great.20:17
programmerjakerfp: not yet, i was waiting for your reply20:17
lkclas an experiment i've done Value.__Mux__ and Value.__Switch__20:17
lkcloh, i did already.20:17
lkclit summarised, "yes! gogogo!" :)20:17
lkclnmigen nosetests still work on both of those20:18
lkcltrying the same thing, to create Value.__Cat__, didn't go so well.20:18
programmerjakeshould I make the git tag on the wiki?20:18
lkcldone already20:18
lkcland the git push is running deeeesperately slowly20:19
lkcli have no idea why, but hey20:19
programmerjakeis ikiwiki rebuilding the whole wiki for the git tag?20:19
lkclno, it's doing "Writing objects"20:20
lkclWriting objects:  27% (8408/30327), 16.90 MiB | 40.00 KiB/s20:20
lkclmy internet connection's s***20:20
lkclWriting objects:  29% (8817/30327), 17.71 MiB | 44.00 KiB/s20:20
programmerjakewait, what?!20:20
lkcli did "git push --tags"20:20
programmerjakeshouldn't the commit already exist on the server and your just pushing a few kB20:20
lkclsigh, yes.20:21
programmerjakemaybe you have some pre-rebase git tags somewhere?20:21
lkcli'll just let it get on with it20:23
programmerjakelkcl: new budget-sync error:20:35
programmerjakeERROR:root:Budget assigned to task excluding subtasks (cf_budget field) doesn't match calculated value: bug #384, calculated value 310020:35
lkclwill take a look20:36
lkcleasily sorted20:36
lkclwha-howwwww the wiki repo is 140 mb20:37
programmerjaketoo many jpgs?20:38
lkclhalved it by running git gc20:38
lkclit was the tag which decided "hey i fink i will copy the entire repo over" (sigh)20:38
lkclafter git gc it's still 73 mb20:39
lkclyeah sounds about right20:39
programmerjakethere's also this error, but idk if it's was edited a week ago:20:39
programmerjakeERROR:root:Budget assigned to task excluding subtasks (cf_budget field) doesn't match calculated value: bug #242, calculated value 155020:39
lkcli need to do a PartitionedSignal __Assign__20:40
lkclok will check it20:40
lkclValue.__Assign__ redirection added. tests pass20:50
* lkcl afk20:55
programmerjakerfp submitted20:56
programmerjakelkcl, you said something like you already submitted an rfp for #699, if so you forgot to update it with the submission date20:57
programmerjakeyay, now I can see the git tag!20:58
ghostmansdHi folks, I've updated xlen branch, so now the whole parser uses class-based approach. This allows to drop some generator code (e.g. most of these imports), and also hopefully establishes some kind of class hierarchy.22:05
ghostmansdtest_issuer is still running.22:06
ghostmansdIf you'll check commits, you'll see thing called "helper". It can be dropped once I clearly see that tests are passed.22:06
ghostmansdI tried to avoid squashing it in one huge commit, so I had to introduce a temporary entity.22:07
ghostmansdToo tired to change or fix anything else today. If tests will complete in 20-30 minutes, I'll let you know the results.22:08
ghostmansdI saw globals(). If this gets things only from the module which called it, then OK. Otherwise it's not better that what we have, but quite the opposite.22:08
programmerjakeyeah, globals() returns the immediate caller's module dict22:11
ghostmansd[m]Ok then, not today though.22:11
ghostmansdIt works!22:16
ghostmansdNote that I checked with nosvp64, though.22:16
ghostmansd[m]lkcl: it seems issue 671 lacks a budget22:35
ghostmansd[m]Same with it's subtasks; but I think the only one that really deserves it is #71222:36

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