Thursday, 2021-09-30

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lkclghostmansd[m], you cut over xlen branch, excellent, saves me a job14:14
ghostmansd[m]Yep, since w/o args runs successfully, why wait more14:22
lkclyehyeh no great14:22
lkclsubmitting an RFP twice... mmm... although i've done that in the past i'm mindful it causes them a lot more work14:23
lkcland they're hugely overloaded at times14:23
lkcltry to take care in future :)14:23
lkclrunning now to confirm14:24
lkcli'm also adding an option into PyISAWriter to cut the compile time by 75%14:24
lkclthat's waaaay quicker now14:29
ghostmansd[m]Good, given how often we re-compile stuff14:31
ghostmansd[m]lkcl: yes, I remember14:47
lkclghostmansd[m], michiel replied, they have to amend the MoU to include you (and maciej)15:43
lkclall the other NLnet projects are relatively small and reasonably straightforward15:43
lkclthis one's *over ten* inter-related NLnet projects (some of which aren't ours) plus NGI POINTER15:44
lkcland we've had enormous difficulty finding people. hence asking 3mdeb (so grateful they helped find you)15:44
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lkclwhoops that didn't work (cutting the compile time by cutting out instructions)19:31
lkcli've added a cache instead19:31
programmerjakeif you split the compile process into one python invocation per input file, then one final invocation to generate, you can use make or ninja to automatically parallelize them and skip parts that are up-to-date, saving a bunch of time19:35
Las[m]lkcl: What happened to this channel?20:24
lkclLas[m], nothing? :)21:05
lkclprogrammerjake, yeah pywriter was written in a hurry.21:05
lkclso much else to do21:05
Las[m]lkcl: Everyone on the Matrix side was kicked.21:05
lkcli learned from Staf that the extension to NLnet Horizon 2020 Grants is only for *six months*.  April 202221:06
lkclLas[m], that'll be a question for libera admins.21:06
Las[m]I was thinking you might have deleted and recreated the channel.21:06
Las[m]Great to know nothing has happened.21:06
lkclnah. it's an "unregistered" channel. nobody has permission to do that.21:07
lkcli put in an application for it to be registered about... 4-5 weeks ago? nothing back yet21:07
programmerjakebecause it's unregistered, we don't have permission to change the setting which defaults to turning off the matrix bridge when one matrix user can't join the irc side to protect irc's privacy21:18
programmerjakeso, that sometimes looks like all matrix users getting kicked21:19
Las[m]_programmerjake: Wait, what? Can you elaborate on why that is preferable?21:32
programmerjakeit isn't preferable for us but it's still libera's default21:34
programmerjakeask them for details21:34
programmerjakeLas ^21:35
Las[m]_It's likely my fault then. I tried to register Las[m] on Libera, but the Matrix bridge couldn't do the identification after registering...21:35
Las[m]_Then I got issues because the Matrix bridge was using a nickname that I had just registered.21:36's happened several times due to different people and reasons21:36
programmerjakeyou have to tell the matrix bridge your registration details, see (change freenode to libera):21:39
programmerjakethat's what i did (though I used a different guide that I forgot where it is)21:40
Las[m]_Yeah I did that too but it basically doesn't work:
programmerjakeiirc I used !storepass, then !reconnect to appservice21:44
programmerjakethat got it to work21:45
programmerjakemaybe also needs a !username21:45
programmerjakeLas ^21:46

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