Friday, 2021-10-01

*** kylel1 is now known as kylel16:47
lkclkylel, i moved TestRunner (mostly) to openpower-isa17:55
lkcltotally abused the run_hdl argument17:55
lkclwe ahh totally forgot about when the self.rom argument is set17:55
lkclwhich is for mmu tests.  oops.17:56
kylelah good.  who needs a mmu anyways?18:18
lkcllol. actually, not most Embedded Controllers :)18:35
kylelwhere to now?18:45
lkclkylel, can you hack the TestRunnerBase to work "if self.rom"?19:14
lkclthen i think that one can be closed19:15
lkclanything else is definitely a new bugreport19:15
kylelwill take a lookie19:28
kylelgood test to run for that?19:28
lkcli know there is one...19:29
lkclprobably (surpriiise)19:31
lkclalthough, do not be surprised at all if it totally fails19:32
kyleldid you need to push something?  I know some pywriter work you were doing and test issuer is failing on importing some helpers20:06
lkclah you need to re-run pywriter and pyfnwriter20:54
lkclit's quicker now20:55
programmerjakelkcl, the power went out at my house, so i may have to work on code on sunday instead of today21:30
lkclah whoops :)21:45
kylelchange made, couldn't have been that simple23:31
lkclkylel, yes, really. for a hack it'll do fine23:45
lkclnow, i just, realised, of course, duh, this needs documenting.23:45
lkcla wiki page explaining it, plus some code-comments etc. etc.23:45
lkclbecause, we will have external contributors who will want to know, "i have this thing, it runs Power ISA, i wanna test it"23:46
lkclup for that?23:46
kylelOh sure I can crank something out23:54

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