Wednesday, 2021-10-06

jnlkcl: i couldn't attend because i had to get up early today :/09:04
lkcljn, no problem13:18
lkclhey it's a social thing13:18
lkclif anyone else would like to join, it's totally informal, we even sometimes mention OpenPOWER13:18
lkcl22:00 UTC every tuesday13:18
lkclvaluable conversation14:19
Guest55...Hello everyone! ...Again ! lol15:41
Guest55mepy here anyway. Just using a different nickname.15:42
Guest55I do not want to disturb you. I was using irc again and I thought about joining this channel again.15:43
jnhi, welcome16:10
Guest55hi jn16:28
lkclprogrammerjake, meeting22:05
toshywoshyI will join the meeting in about 5 minutes22:05

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