Tuesday, 2021-10-05

lkclmorning Veera[m]. am half-awake, 7:46am :)07:46
lkclAwoobis, toshywoshy, an interesting thing happened on the way to the Colosseum: https://libre-soc.org/irclog/%23libre-soc.2021-10-03.log.html#t2021-10-03T10:02:4918:12
lkclthe mattermostbridge bot appears *eight* times "joined to #libre-soc" in the logs but quit only *three* times in under 15 seconds.18:13
lkclfour of those join messages are one second apart.18:13
lkclLas[m]_, ping, where are the nix litex sub-modules list? we've someone asking about them18:38
lkcli know i recorded it somewhere just can't bloody well remember18:38
lkclfound it!18:39
Las[m]_Linking it18:40
Las[m]_lkcl: https://github.com/ngi-nix/libresoc-soc/blob/pr/nix/litex.toml18:41
lkclLas[m]_, staaaar18:57
lkclmeeting 10m jn lxo programmerjake  cesar richardwilbur[m]22:49
programmerjakelkcl I'll be there in a few min23:04

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