Saturday, 2021-10-09

VeeraLas: Hi08:58
Veeralkcl: Hi08:58
VeeraLas: You are using which dated symbiflow toolchain10:49
Las[m]Veera: I am not using symbiflow at all. Is this for the tests?11:10
VeeraLas: Weren't you pkging symbiflow for nix11:16
Las[m]Veera: I think it's already packaged in Nixpkgs11:17
VeeraLas: Oh.11:19
VeeraLas: Do you know a way of adapting libre-soc to newer(latest) litex11:20
Las[m]Veera: I don't do Migen11:21
Las[m]You can update it easily, but it will just fail to build11:21
Las[m]And it's a ton of work11:21
Las[m]I advise that you don't try in the first place11:21
lkclVeera, Las[m] is correct. the reason is that forward-porting of very early microwatt integration, involving the XICS interrupt controller, hasn't been forward-ported13:14
lkcla not-insignificant amount of work needs to take place there including analysing the current microwatt-litex integration, copying over the BIOS source code files, and adapting the XICS controller memory interfaces13:15
lkcland CSR register allocations to precisely match13:16
lkclwith florent behaving in such a hostile fashion i'm very much disinclined to do that work13:18
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lkcl* _florent_ sets ban on *!*
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Veeralkcl: ah13:20
lkclVeera, yeah.13:21
Veeralkcl: have you managed to use symbiflow toolchain with arty7_100t board13:22
lkclthat's three strikes for litex.13:22
Veeralkcl: I mean tested13:22
lkclsix+ weeks ago, running the blinky lights, yes13:23
lkclah no not yet.13:23
lkcli've so much going on.13:23
lkcllet me set it in motion under a new chroot13:23
Veeralkcl: because all I can do is generate bitsreams for the board (as a check)13:23
lkclgood point13:24
Veeralkcl: did ya read my mail13:24
Veeralkcl: soon going to script a dev-env-setup for symbiflow13:24
lkcli'm currently behind, haven't read anything this morning13:24
lkclah fantastic.  that's what i'll need (a dev-env-setup script)13:25
VeeraI had success with latest git commits of symbiflow-arch-defs for toolchain creation13:25
lkclthe vanilla chroot is preparing13:25
lkclmmm.... it's better to use fixed ones13:25
lkcland to evaluate moving forward only if it turns out actually to be needed.13:26
VeeraIf you can wait a day, i will make symbiflow-install script13:26
lkclotherwise (and we have experienced this repeatedly) we end up with things breaking13:26
lkclyes, i have lots to do13:26
Veerathe one HDL_Workflow/symbiflow is old and little broken (means instructions; I missed somethings)13:27
Veerais using a 2 different yosys binaries a problem13:29
Veerasymbiflow uses one and regular hdl workkflow uses one13:29
Veeramean integration of two yosys with build (steps)13:30
lkclwe'll need to be able to use the specific version for synthesis of test_issuer at the moment14:53
lkcland can upgrade later.14:54
lkclagain: it's down to issues with yosys that we didn't have time to investigate / fix so had to stick with the older version14:54
Veerasymbiflow has compatibility issues with yosys version14:59
Veerait also needs specific versions14:59
lkclfer goodness sake.15:59
lkclok. that's good to have determined that16:00
Veeralkcl: hi21:23
cesarLas: On the soc repository:21:38
cesargit submodule update21:38
cesarerror: Server does not allow request for unadvertised object b55917aafa6bbc9f16e1d97dc095e929c31aa81a21:38
cesarFetched in submodule path 'src/soc/litex/florent', but it did not contain b55917aafa6bbc9f16e1d97dc095e929c31aa81a. Direct fetching of that commit failed.21:39
Las[m]cesar: Will fix ASAP, should be easy21:40
Las[m]cesar: I fixed it BTW, did you try again?22:58
cesarIt works, thanks!23:02

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