Tuesday, 2021-10-19

Guest55_Do you know why make asks me root password "to make su-real-package-install (/usr/bin/su)" ?00:23
Guest55_My pkgsrc is in ~/pkgsrc00:24
Guest55_So I didn't expect it to ask root password00:24
Guest55_really... what!00:25
Guest55_I am sorry everyone. Def the wrong channel...00:25
*** Guest55 is now known as mepy09:05
mepyI changed my nick so to not confuse you here.09:05
*** mepy is now known as Guest5509:06
lkclGuest55: you got changed back :)10:16
Guest55yep xD10:16
Guest55Hi lkcl10:16
Guest55I do not want to uncover my real identity10:17
Guest55:P xD10:17
Guest55in the other channels10:17
Guest55what about yesterday meeting ? Did you move it to another day or another virtual place ?10:18
lkclalways tuesday 22:00 UTC10:52
Guest55I do not know why my calendar program put it a day before10:59
Guest55actually I remember it being on the second day of the week11:00
*** kylel1 is now known as kylel16:32
lkcljn richardwilbur[m] Guest5523:18
Guest55meeting !23:18

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