Wednesday, 2021-10-20

Veera[m]kylel: Hi04:56
Veera[m]kylel: need help04:56
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kylelVeera: What do you need help with?10:37
kylelAh just saw your email10:41
lkclVeera[m], kylel, please! we are under Audit conditions, please use the mailing list, do *not* engage in private technical email exchanges!13:26
lkclthis is really important.13:26
lkclif you've sent private email containing technical discussions please forward them to the mailing list or to an appropriate bugreport13:27
Veera[m]lkcl: I asked for help regarding openpower-isa13:33
Veera[m]lkcl: what do I do now.13:33
kylelI added myself to bug 730, so post your question there and I'll respond per luke's request.13:36
lkclwheww, thank you guys.14:14
lkclVeera[m], ok so it is a little "klunky", you need to run the unit test... ahhh, actually, one needs to be written14:17
lkclbased on... which you did, kylel14:17
lkclVeera[m], it should be quite obvious to substitute "from openpower.test.shift_rot.shift_rot_cases import ShiftRotTestCase2"14:19
lkclwith "from openpower.test.alu.alu_cases import AluTestCases"14:19
lkcland anything "shiftrot2" with "alu"14:19
lkclcall the new test src/openpower/decoder/isa/test_caller_alu.py14:20
lkclhere is what to cut/paste copy;a=blob;f=src/openpower/decoder/isa/;hb=HEAD14:21
lkclnow, although all the unit tests in will run, *only one* of them has "expected results"!14:22
lkcli let kylel explain from there, i have to check the new Grant Application, for any changes.14:22
lkclinteresting, just received word of a new mailing list,
programmerjakeapparently lkcl and I were subscribed to the mailing list by stephan21:14
jni was, too22:34

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