Friday, 2021-10-22

lkclprogrammerjake, rrright.  i finally recognise what happened with SwizzledSimdValue.  it's an Asperger's thing, which, luckily i have had happen so many times to me that i do in fact recognise what has happened (retrospectively)00:32
lkclbasically, you came up with something that was "so complete" and solved *so many* things that it overwhelmed your ability to explain them all.00:33
lkcldoes that sound about right?00:33
lkcleeeeventually - after about a *week* of discussions - something came up that demonstrated and explained why you'd designed it00:34
lkclbut, you couldn't explain it at the time, because it was only one of *so many* issues that were being "solved"00:35
lkclif that happens again (and it almost certainly will), please please say so.00:35
lkclthis is for QA and planning reasons, ok?00:35
lkcli've created
lkcland i will fill in additional blocker tasks which will need to be completed in full, first, before #732 can proceed00:36
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lkclouaff SimdSignal Slice is frickin involved. first time ever that SimdSignal will have to adapt to fixed width elements rather than fixed width overall (total) size13:09
lkclunnfortunately that propagates *right* the way through the entire damn thing
lkclprogrammerjake, when you're awake,
lkclwe need to shelve Slice for now until (to-be-renamed) ElwidPartType is operational and in use15:33
lkcli've put in a stack of notes15:33
lkcli haven't implemented them, deliberately, so that *both* of us get a "feel" for how this all hangs together15:33
lkclthis is so damn crucial to the entire project that the last thing we need is only one of us knowing all of the pieces15:34
lkclwe *both* need to know exactly what the hell is going on15:34
lkclactually, if you're also understanding, cesar, that would be good too15:34
lkclVeera[m], kylel, sorry, i am kinda focussing on SimdSignal at the moment as you can see. can i leave it with you both to sync up (irc, list, bugreport)15:36
kylellkcl, will do...I know you are super busy. nice work, always a great feeling when a breakthrough pans out15:50
Veera[m]lkcl:  Can you run the symbiflow-install script and get status so that we can close the BUG: 654. Please read the bugzilla page for updates I have made.23:30

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