Friday, 2021-11-19

lkclyou automatically have read-perms00:09
octaviussure, thanks00:09
lkcli can add write but please don't randomly delete or change things, it's a massive cascade of dependencies00:09
octaviusOh don't worry, I have enough to deal with the JTAG test XD00:10
octaviusI'll make sure to pay good attention00:10
octaviusI prefer to follow the rule "Don't understand, don't change it", but even for the pinmux task I had to break that hahaha00:11
octaviusI'll be off, gn00:15
octaviusMorning lkcl. Perhaps a dumb question, but how do you open multiple terminals in a schroot? Do you invoke "schroot -c" in every terminal, or do you using a multiplexing program like tmux once inside schroot?08:58
octaviusOr do you just edit your files on the host system side (by cd'ing into /opt/schroot/...)08:59
lkclinvoke schroot -c in every terminal13:09
lkcli copy the ssh key into the schroot home directory.13:09
octaviusThanks lkcl, now runs15:11
octaviusNow I'll try to add one of the tests to the file. In the Blinker module, you instantiated a JTAG object with an empty pinset (self.jtag = JTAG({}, "sync"). Is that because on line 221 the pins are added using add_io()?15:27
lkclthe pinsets are a red herring, they are too early.17:18
lkcloctavius, yeah have a look at the constructor of JTAG and how it derives from Pins().  i bypassed that entirely18:42
lkclthe reason is that if you don't, add_resource doesn't work properly.18:42
* lkcl dealing with combinatorial loops on the register hazards. deep joy.18:43

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