Saturday, 2021-11-20

sadoon_albader[mI gave up and am now using the dev-scripts as intended :')13:12
lkclsadoon_albader[m :)14:55
lkclsaves a vast amount of time, doesn't it?14:56
lkcli've created a new video about how is put together - it's 2% uploading and should be there in several hours time
lkclnormally i do framerate compression but decided not to: it'll stay at 2.3 GIGABYTES for some time. madness14:57
sadoon_albader[m<lkcl> "saves a vast amount of time..." <- Yeah15:31
lkclbleedin eck, when i said "it'd take several hours", i obviously wasn't thinking big enough.  4 hours has only 40% uploaded of the 2.3 gbyte video. dang.18:55
lkclsomeone's absolutely hammering the server by downloading absolutely every single repository as a tar archive.23:34
lkcli've banned the IP address, it's completely overloading fastcgid, absolutely nobody else can do anything because of the abuse of the server23:35
lkclloadavg was well over 2.5 (maximum is 2.0)23:35
lkclsince banning the IP address, loadavg is back down to 0.3623:35

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