Sunday, 2021-11-21

lkclgaah. i finally realised a way to stop the combinatorial loops in the hazard detection bitvectors, by using them differently from originally planned00:12
sadoon_albader[mlkcl: I noticed that the dev-scripts do not install libgmp-dev, which is required for the hdl-dev-repos part to work correctly01:05
sadoon_albader[mlibmpfr-dev is also missing01:11
sadoon_albader[mAlso complains about python2 command not found, needs a redirect from python2.7 to python2 I guess01:20
sadoon_albader[mI made a symlink but I'm pretty sure there's a package that does that.. hmm01:21
sadoon_albader[mwget is also not installed.. I'll try redoing this from scratch, maybe I messed up somewhere sighs01:34
sadoon_albader[mfigures.. gcc-8-powerpc64-linux-gnu, is not available on a ppc64le platform lol, it's just gcc-801:46
sadoon_albader[mSorry for flooding but I guess this is useful info for those working on OpenPOWER :)01:46
lkcl  20 apt-get install -y autoconf \03:03
lkcl 40     libgmp-dev \   <<<====03:03
sadoon_albader[mYeah, I realized after03:03
lkcl====>>>  40     libgmp-dev \ <<<<=03:03
lkcl  47     python \  <====03:04
sadoon_albader[mApparently the issue is that since it can't find gcc-8-powerpc64-linux-gnu, it just cancels the whole isntall03:04
sadoon_albader[mI just removed that line and it installed fine so far03:04
lkclthat sounds about right.03:04
lkclif you'd like to submit a patch to fix it feel free03:05
sadoon_albader[mOne issue which I am not sure is ppc64le specific, when I try to install mkpinmux it gives me03:05
sadoon_albader[mIndexError: list assignment index out of range03:05
sadoon_albader[min file src/soc/pinmux/src/jsoncreate.py03:05
sadoon_albader[mlkcl: The patch would break x86_64 support though, so idk how I'd do it in a way that doesn't break.. maybe a second apt install that checks for the architecture?03:06
lkclthat's the one.03:07
sadoon_albader[msadoon_albader[m: > IndexError: list assignment index out of range03:07
sadoon_albader[m> in file src/soc/pinmux/src/jsoncreate.py03:07
sadoon_albader[mI'll get to it as soon as I deal with this issue :P03:07
sadoon_albader[mInstalling on x86_64 to see if it is ppc64le specific03:07
lkclnot helpful at 3am with a single line and no context at all03:08
sadoon_albader[mAh man, don't worry about it. If it persists I'll send you the whole log in the morning :D03:09
lkclalso triage03:09
lkclgit bisect and/or manual step back on git history03:09
lkclthere's been some modifications to pinmux in the past few days, also you can see in i added building of ngi_router.11:53
lkclyou should comment that out11:53
ghostmansd[m]Hi folks. Since tomorrow, I'll be on vacation. For our project this is actually benefitial, since I'll be able to dedicate some time. Please let me know of hot topic which might need my attention and can tolerate poor programming skills (just kidding, I'll do my best!). I'd prefer something C, but Python is also OK.16:36
ghostmansd[m]lkcl ^ FYI17:24
lkclhiya ghostmansd[m]17:25
lkclok, so practical matters:17:25
lkclthere's a balance between "what's got money available right now" and "what's got *upcoming* money that needs Memorandum of Understanding to be signed"17:26
ghostmansd[m]Both are OK, unless it takes months :-)17:26
lkcli can't guarantee it won't take 6-8 weeks for an MoU to be signed, i have to actually stop everything else i'm doing, write the tasks, then... you get the idea17:27
lkclhere's things that can be done which have budgets right now:17:28
ghostmansd[m]For 550 and 665, there are already assignees; should I consider this? I don't want to step on anyone's toe.17:33
ghostmansd[m]728 is familiar, I guess it's the one we discussed before deadlines on regular work kicked me :-)17:34
ghostmansd[m]The first two tasks, 550 and 665, have no budget, so, "what's got money available right now" is kinda vague :-D17:41
ghostmansd[m]I'd like to take a look at 550, it'd be great to have some help from people who fell in love with binutils, though17:43
ghostmansd[m]I programmed in C a lot, but this has never concerned binutils (apart from using them, obviously)17:43
Veera[m]lkcl,kylel: bug: 754 add expected state alu test cases17:54
Veera[m]lkcl,kylel: there is a bug def case_addme_ca_1(self):17:55
Veera[m]lkcl,kylel: sorry to annoy17:57
Veera[m]lkcl,kylel: I misinterpreted the results17:58
lkclghostmansd[m], best to ask, what progress is (if any)18:19
lkclVeera[m], no problem, let me take a look18:19
ghostmansd[m]lkcl: ok then, will check on Tuesday18:21
lkclone thing about binutils: it's critically important to sign the FSF Copyright Assignment notice18:22
lkclotherwise it cannot go upstream18:23
lkclthey cross-license absolutely everything you assign to them back to you18:23
lkclVeera: do you mean 730?
lkclmikolajw, thanks about #66519:28
sadoon_albader[m<lkcl> "there's been some modifications..." <- I'll try that now, as you can tell by the times between my messages my sleep schedule is so screwed atm lol23:13

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