Sunday, 2021-12-12

henrioklkcl: I’m a bit under the weather.. probably not covid I hope.11:12
henriokSo much has ben going on with Libre-SOC (wooo a good thing) that I’m abit behind I’m afraid.11:12
henriokI think I need a ”State of the Union” rundown.. Have the silicon from the first run come back?11:17
lkclhenriok, no, Greatek have not responded for several months in supplying the QFP128 package11:46
cesarI was thinking, for the people testing the chip, it would be interesting to prepare a wiki page with step by step instructions and checklists, analogous to the ECP5 page.11:53
cesarFor intance, step 1) connect GND to pins ..., 2) connect VCC to pins ... , 3) connect clock to pins ... 4). connect JTAG cable to pins... 5) Send JTAG stream...11:55
lkclyes, we will need one, i started a bugreport for it12:04
cesarFound and
cesar seems restricted to logged-in users only, for some reason.12:22
lkclcesar, sorted. checkbox that shouldn't have been checked12:23
tplatenJust found out about a
lkclooo exciting, those still exist20:05
lkclha! i have MMU-protected I-Cache "invalid" exception 0x400 working21:09

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