Wednesday, 2021-12-15

cesarWhen cloning the "nmigen" repo from, we get the master branch by default. Should it be the "libresoc-nmigen-fork" branch instead?11:15
cesarSince we kind of froze the "nmigen" version, can we now simply pick a newer stable version of Yosys (supported by it), instead of the development branch? There were many Yosys releases since.11:21
lkclalthough that gets particularly tricky as we found out, and also there's only one stable version of yosys (heavily patched) that works with symbiflow.12:16
lkclbit of a mess all round12:16
lkclcesar, msr sorted13:11
lkcli'm also doing a split TestIssuerBase13:11
lkclmarkos, hi, we have a bi-weekly meeting if you're interested, it'll be the last one before xmas / new year break, it's one hour earlier than yesterday - 21:00 UTC13:38
markoswhen is that?13:42
lkclthis evening13:46
lkclBill will be there13:46
lkclit's fast-paced and quite strictly covers a set agenda13:47
lkclit's for catching up with what's going on in the OpenPOWER Foundation (two-way)13:47
lkclbecause we're not members of the OpenPOWER Foundation due to a conflict of interest between "full transparency" business model (and also our funding body, NLnet) and the [quite reasonable] "commercial confidentiality" clauses required by the OpenPOWER Foundation13:48
lkcli sent you a copy of the agenda just so you know we'll be mentioning you :)13:49
markoslkcl, thanks14:21
lkclcesar, i finished the TestIssuerBase split and created soc/simple/inorder.py14:58
lkclit has all of SVP64 removed14:58
lkclwaaay shorter15:14
programmerjakemeeting in 16min20:44
lkcltoshywoshy, ^21:02
programmerjakecesar toshywoshy ^21:06

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