Thursday, 2021-12-16

sadoon_albader[mqemu currently building for ppc64, some qemu targets would not build due to unavailable cross compilers so I just disabled those12:46
sadoon_albader[mI think we have only php7.4 left :D12:46
lkclare you able to start the ppc64 build in its own VM?13:08
lkcldo you have debian-installer netinst rebuilt?13:08
lkclthat's where it'd get _really_ interesting13:08
lkclsadoon_albader[m, here's the debian-ppc mailing list archives
lkclsubscribe/unsubscribe at the top.13:10
sadoon_albader[m<lkcl> "are you able to start the..." <- I already build all these packages in a that kind of VM :)13:16
sadoon_albader[m<lkcl> "do you have debian-installer..." <- That one would be the last thing to do, very low priority13:17
sadoon_albader[mBecause as of now it's using the same installer, just pointing to a different repo13:17
sadoon_albader[mEverything else is the same13:17
sadoon_albader[m<lkcl> "sadoon_albader, here's the..." <- I'll subscribe tonight13:17
sadoon_albader[mI  other words, all you need to do to get bullseye is to use a ppc/ppc64 netinst from February 2021 and use the expert installer to point to the snapshot repo13:18
sadoon_albader[mOnce you're installed and rebooted, you need to add the security repo and enable it.13:18
sadoon_albader[mAnd you're all set13:18
lkclok cool.  ah so you can actually boot (even if it's a VM). the reason i ask is because if you can do that, then cross-compiling is not needed13:20
sadoon_albader[mYup, exactly!13:20
lkcldebian's rules for package building are that it has to be native hardware for very good reasons13:20
sadoon_albader[mI am building the ppc packages on ppc64 though but that shouldn't be an issue13:21
lkclyeah they've run into the serious problem of 32-bit native OSes being memory-restricted and incapable of building packages that require greater than 4GB of resident RAM for the linker phase13:22
lkcland i belieeeve have solved that by permitting those packages to be built on the equivalent 64-bit hardware13:22
lkclfirefox last time i heard required 7 GB of RAM for the linker phase.13:23
sadoon_albader[mYup, webkit2gtk also will fail to build without more than 4gb of RAM unless you change the default linker13:25
lkcli made both gnu-ld and gnu-gold fall over very badly :)13:55
lkcllinker-torturer creates randomised programs that are so large that neither ld nor gold can cope :)13:56
markossadoon_albader[m, if mailing lists are not your thing, you might want to join OFTC on irc14:03
markosand we could get you in touch with cbmuser who would really appreciate the help with powerpc/ppc6414:03
sadoon_albader[m<lkcl> "linker-torturer creates randomis..." <- It's a virus!14:03
lkclmarkos, that's debianppc?
sadoon_albader[mmarkos: I've never done mailing lists, but email is my preferred way of communication14:04
sadoon_albader[mIt'll probably work well14:04
markoslkcl, there is #debian-ports and #debianppc14:05
lkclahh cool14:05
sadoon_albader[mIt's the start of the weekend here so I'll be with friends BBQing, I'll look into it all later14:07
sadoon_albader[m(Our weekends start on Thursday, govt is thinking of making Friday which would be awful)14:07
lkclnice :)14:07
lkcldeep joy14:07

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