Sunday, 2021-12-19

lkclghostmansd, i just re-read what you wrote.  the Trademark violators are the ones that have attempted an unauthorised rename of nmigen to amaranth01:22
lkcltherefore, under "Continuity" provisions of Trademark Law, distribution of amaranth is a Trademark violation01:22
lkclanyone using amaranth had better have good lawyers. anyone distributing it is asking for trouble01:23
lkclall they had to do was take a copy of the source code (without the git history) and say01:25
lkcl"amaranth is a python-based HDL, and if you look hard enough on the internet you can find out what it's based on"01:25
lkclit's the fact that they blatantly took a copy of the nmigen source code and did a text string search-and-replace, followed by "git commit"01:26
lkcli mean, they even helpfully published it so that M-Lab's lawyers have concrete evidence of "Continuity"01:26
ghostmansd[m]lkcl: if they indeed did it, it's insane and really might put them into a trouble. Vastly unethical, too.06:10
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lkcljust added a DMI command "halt-if-trying-to-execute-from-this-address'15:50
lkclthat fixes the termination issue that's been present for 18 months15:55
lkclwhere the PC is not yet set up for executing the next instruction (so cannot be detected to be out of bounds of the test program which is usually 1-6 instructions only)15:56
lkclbut if you try to execute it then of course it's too late to stop it15:56
lkcland a TRAP occurs, which is, of course, another instruction15:56
lkclit'll do perfectly for gdb hardware-level breakpoints.15:57
lkcli.e. is exactly what is required *for* gdb hardware-level breakpointing15:57

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