Sunday, 2021-12-26

mikolajwas requested, CRTL variables, run functions, and filenames now contain strings from their original Nmigen names03:32
mikolajwnow, how do I test it with PowerDecoder2? Do we have a unit test for it?03:38
lkclmikolajw, fantastic!13:14
lkcleehhm... ehmehmehm.... maybe? :)13:15
lkcli think i skipped a specific unit test for PowerDecoder2 because it's so heavily used (so critically dependent) in the upper levels that mistakes are pretty obvious13:16
lkclsorry about that13:16
lkclahh brilliant, you even put them into the filename, that's really handy13:16
lkcli'll write a quick one based on test_power_decoder.py13:19
lkclmikolajw, done13:42
lkcli fixed a couple of missing things (pass --> ";",  True --> "1") but then encountered bool() and stopped, i have to get the mmu running13:43
lkcloleee, found the bug in where some code was entirely missing19:15
lkclmmu.bin tests 2 and 3 now work. these are all reads up to that point19:15
lkcltest 4 is a write and it fails. tomorrow's task to investigate that19:16

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