Monday, 2021-12-27

mikolajwbool() can be just replaced (before we deal with bignum) with !!()01:21
mikolajwlkcl: it appears you haven't finished writing the test01:34
lkclmikolajw, correct, and i'm not going to [finish it], i have to deal with the MMU.03:34
lkclit runs the simulator (runs a compile).  if i spend time on that unit test it risks missing the NGI POINTER contractual deadline03:35
lkclwhich has extremely serious consequences03:35
lkcli'm quite happy to put up a bugreport and associated budget with it for you (or someone else) to do the PowerDecode2 unit test03:37
lkclbut i need to get the MMU working as quickly as possible then move on to the next critical path task immediately after that03:38
mikolajwI could try to get this going. How much longer is it going to be than
lkclwell, i took out the decoder stuff, because that's (effectively) already tested04:18
lkclperhaps i shouldn't have, but hey04:19
lkclyou could... mmm... say... check that RA and RB are correct04:19
lkclthose should be 2 and 6.  sorry, RA and RS04:21
lkcland those should beee.... dut.dec_a.reg_out.reg_a04:22
lkclbtw none of this you will actually see in the Simulation()04:22
lkclit'll just be checking values you get *from* the Simulation()04:23
lkclyou can also get RA and RB from...04:23
lkclsee decoder/test/, which _should_ be working (but was written 18 months ago by someone else and i didn't know existed)04:27
*** kylel1 is now known as kylel10:54
cesarWhen running "python ~/src/soc/src/soc/simple/test/ nosvp64 general", I get:11:08
cesar  File "/home/cstrauss/src/openpower-isa/src/openpower/test/", line 212, in process11:08
cesar    self.default_mem.clear()11:08
cesarAttributeError: 'TestRunner' object has no attribute 'default_mem'11:09
cesarAlso: File "/home/cstrauss/src/soc/src/soc/simple/test/", line 366, in end_test11:09
cesarprint("after test %s cr value %x" % (, cr))11:09
cesarAttributeError: 'HDLRunner' object has no attribute 'test'11:10
lkclcesar, i haven't run for some time, let me sort that by adding an empty default_mem12:48
lkclcesar, sorted;a=commitdiff;h=5c97adf0a105709cbcf853e69d0e58873ebfb2b112:51
cesarConfirmed fixed, thanks.12:55
* lkcl still on the MMU12:56
* cesar is about to add an --inorder flag to test_issuer.py12:58
lkclgreat. btw you saw i split out the common code into TestIssuerBase?12:59
lkcli meant to redo by going through the same process of deletion of svp64 as i did initially13:00
lkclcesar, an idea occurred to me, would you like to do a short talk at FOSDEM about gtkwave CSS?17:38
* lkcl fixed the mmu.bin test 4, moving on to test 519:30
lkcljust... wow. so much detail involved here.19:37
* sadoon_albader[m has finally got around setting up the Debian bullseye server for ppc64/ppc22:29
sadoon_albader[mTested and working!23:50
sadoon_albader[mTime to reinstall debian on my machines I suppose, I wish there was a way to downgrade instead heh23:50

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