Tuesday, 2021-12-28

lkclyyeah you can... apt takes a downgrade option, but it's designed to do "per package", i've never heard of anyone doing like a full downgrade :)01:39
sadoon_albader[mDual booting debian and mac os 10.5 on the G4 with one SSD is a major pain01:40
sadoon_albader[mI think I might just backup the old partition and debootstrap install of reinstalling heh01:40
sadoon_albader[mTo keep the bootloader and partition table intact01:40
lkcldoes it boot from external usb?01:44
sadoon_albader[mno chance in hell, not even firewire. too finicky01:45
lkclis ReFIT available for ppc64?01:45
sadoon_albader[musb is doable I've heard, but I tried and it doesn't work with me01:45
sadoon_albader[mOnly nice thing is macs have a target disk mode01:46
sadoon_albader[mSo I can use it as an external hard drive and go from there01:46
sadoon_albader[mchrooting from my G501:46
sadoon_albader[mActually that's how I did my last install01:47
lkclweird, but nice :)01:48
sadoon_albader[mYeah I'd take anything over having to wipe mac os and waiting 1.5 hours for the debian netinstall to finish01:50
cesarlkcl: Thanks for the idea! Just submitted a talk for FOSDEM, "Writing GTKWave documents, with style".11:34
cesarIt would be a good opportunity to gather some feedback on this tiny library, to make it more generally useful.11:35
lkclit saves such a lot of time12:25
lkclha! instruction MMU microwatt tests pass!17:21
lkclit means that the next task to try is to run a linux buildroot from initramfs21:09
lkclcoffeeEe meet 50m if anyone's interested21:10
lkclcesar, toshywoshy, sadoon_albader[m programmerjake mikolajw octavius jn rsc21:11
octaviusWill be there21:11
lkclthey happen this year to fall on non-holiday-days, so why the heck not :)21:11
octaviusI've been quite quiet recently (got way to involved with looking for cars XD)21:11
sadoon_albader[mlkcl: Awesome!21:12
octaviusLooked at my code and got the output control based on io_keys working21:12
programmerjakei'll be at the meeting21:12
lkcloctavius: how about this? https://cdn2.adrianflux.co.uk/wp-fluxposure/uploads/2017/06/classic-bubble-car.jpg21:23
lkcl100 mpg!21:23
octaviusA little too small21:24
octaviusAlthough I like the efficiency21:24
lkclbut... but it's so cute!21:24
lkcland if you can't parallel park you can pick it up21:24
octaviusNo go, my mum won't fit21:25
lkcloh btw, that one sold for GBP 80,00021:25
octaviusI had a trailer21:25
octaviusI could probably build something like that21:25
lkclholy s*** someone hotrodded a bubblecar - put a 150 BHP BMW engine in one21:27
lkclA vehicle that was the main star of the famous book ‘Unsafe at Any Speed’21:28
octaviusI've driven some pretty fast go-carts (prob <50bhp) and those felt terrifying enough. Can't imagine being on a motorway in this. Won't be much left of you in a collision21:30
lkclyeah i mean, is that a blessing? guaranteed to ensure you won't feel a thing? :)21:31

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