Friday, 2021-12-31

octaviusHappy New Year to everyone! (I won't be on at 12, so saying it now)18:52
octaviusLet's have another great year of open-hardware dev :P18:52
lkclhappy new year octavius :)19:45
programmerjakeyay, it works! lkcl, i changed the matrix bridge config, hopefully it keeps working20:44
*** programmerjake-t <programmerjake-t!~programme@2600:6c54:7600:34a:5510:5210:c28f:331c> has left #libre-soc20:44
programmerjakefor future reference, i set the setting described here: to true20:47
programmerjakeunfortunately, i don't have the permissions to set history visibility to everyone, rather than what it is now20:48
programmerjakealso, toshywoshy the messages I sent to oftc didn't get mirrored to libera20:49
programmerjakelkcl, congrats on the new nmigen repo!20:52
lkclprogrammerjake, awesome20:53
programmerjakei'll let lkcl and toshywoshy fix the irc and/or bot issues20:55
lkclyeah it's a big deal, i mean, IBM's depending on nmigen, just to give an example (for LibreBMC)20:55
lkcli have noo idea what to do with the irc history visibility :)20:55
* lkcl pokes rsc with another test20:56
lkcloh there's a #nmigen on now, btw, with a logging bot20:56
programmerjakeoh, that's a matrix thing...i don't think libera grants anyone the permissions to change that20:56
lkclahh ok20:57
lkclow, ow, barometic pressure change, ears popping20:57
programmerjakei have moderator permissions (matrix equiv of +o), to change it i need admin permissions, only appservice has that20:57
programmerjakejoined #nmigen on oftc21:03

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