Saturday, 2022-01-01

* lkcl has command-line loading of binary files in microwatt16:27
*** alex[m]12345 <alex[m]12345!~kanturmat@2001:470:69fc:105::1:5adb> has left #libre-soc18:10
lkcloh ha ha very funny22:30
lkcli'm running the microwatt ppc64 linux kernel 5.7 image under verilator22:31
lkclthe clock rate (linux processor speed) to 100 mhz22:31
lkclthe baud rate to 11520022:31
lkcland the actual number of cycles per second that can be executed under verilator is maybe about.... 10,000.  970 ms in "simulated" time takes about... 5-10 seconds of "real" time22:33
lkcli thought there was something wrong with the opencores uart16550... there isn't :)22:33
lkclso if i leave this running for ooo... maybe.... 3 days? it'll output 5 serial console characters22:35

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