Wednesday, 2022-02-02

programmerjakeroasting arm's reduce pseudo-code:
programmerjakescroll up a little from where i linked04:26
lkclprogrammerjake, the second link is requesting a login (which i'm not going to do)10:41
lkclthe first i can see no problem10:42
lkclthe original algorithm you wrote jacob carries-over state, i believe (which we can't do).10:44
lkclit's ok to do tricks such as write to the result vector10:45
lkcl(even though the result will be in element 0)10:45
lkclthat way a context save/restore can snap in/out in the middle of the reduce10:46
lkcland it's ok to store "REMAP" state in SVREMAP SPRs (the indices / for-loops)10:47
lkclalso another trick is Rc=1, if there's any single-bit boolean state needed as part of the reduce, that can go into a Vector of CRs (vector-version of CR0)10:48
lkclthe other trick - which i am really reluctant to have, it would be last resort - is that if there is an interrupt in the middle you chuck the entire lot and start again on restore10:50
lkcli think the algorithm you came up with would fit into the SVREMAP hardware12:04
lkcli leave it to you to work that out12:05
*** sets mode: +o lkcl21:12

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