Thursday, 2022-02-03

octaviusHey lkcl, I kept forgetting to ask, what kind of help did you need for fosdem? After the 21st jan email I looked at pentabarf and thought it was just for those entering talks.19:51
lkcloctavius, keeping an eye on attendees and speakers22:24
lkclthe rooms run on an auto-schedule (the videos play automatically)22:27
lkclbut for Q&A someone needs to make sure that the speaker turns u22:28
octaviusI can also be there if needed22:28
lkclyes please22:28
octaviusIt'll be on element?22:28
lkcli cannot possibly handle the entire day on my own22:29
lkclof course22:29
lkclit's a custom version so use the web page22:29
octaviusSo we don't need to join the OpenPOWER devroom?22:34
octaviusOk, joined it. The sheer number of rooms is a bit crazy XD22:35
octaviusVery cool extension to matrix though22:36

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