Friday, 2022-02-04

lkcloh do we have bridging from libera to fosdem?15:02
octaviusFor FOSDEM, I saw that most of our events will be on Sunday. During Saturday however I only saw the stand event, and luke's presentation on booting linux. I need to be out for 3 or so hours on Saturday, so what time is extra help not needed?16:32
lkcloctavius, saturday is run by toshywoshy so is fine. it's sunday i need help with20:12
lkclit'll be things like, "is the speaker present, are they online, are they in the backroom, do they have a working mic/camera"20:13
lkcl"are they in the Q&A room"20:14
octaviusAh ok, then I'll make sure Sunday stays as free as possible. Will still be on tomorrow as there are some very cool talks going on. Didn't realise there were 100s of talks during the conference20:21
lkclahh yes :)20:23
lkclif you can't do all of them they'll be available after still, as video20:23
octaviuslkcl, pieterdp from FOSDEM asked about a patch for in the LibreSOC Project Stand page20:32
lkcloctavius, thx21:32

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