Saturday, 2022-02-05

lkclhiya veera nice to see you back again. symbiflow works great11:46
VeeraI read loading bitstream to ecp5 device is not working!11:47
Veeralkcl: eh, arty7-100T needed new openocd program for supporting bitstream loadup12:25
lkcl*compiling* for ecp5 was not "working" because the resources exceeded the capability of the FPGA, and of nextpnr-ecp5 to cope. i sorted that13:06
lkclarty7-100t works fine with the standard version of openocd, it just needed the right config file13:06
lkclpatching openocd c source code is quite rare13:07
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cesarThere is a new pull request to Amaranth to allow generating Xilinx bitstreams directly, without symbiflow, using nextpnr-xilinx and prjXray instead.20:06
cesarMaybe it is easier to install than symbiflow...20:06
lkclcesar, yes i already have it in, renamed to nmigen so we are not infringing the Trademark.21:07
lkcland yes, symbiflow is proving problematic. vtr segfaults with the "official" version, runs out of resources on the latest master, and the developers are completely unresponsive on the IRC channel21:10
lkclthey were completely unresponsive even when the IBM-sponsored India Education Course people needed help.21:11
lkclso nextpnr-xilinx is next on my list21:15

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