Wednesday, 2022-02-09

lkclsadoon_albader[m, thx01:34
sadoon_albader[mMost welcome01:34
lkclmikolajw, are you happy for the code to be moved to the same BSD license that nmigen is under? it is your choice entirely.  it is kinda ok for it to stay under the LGPLv3+ because they are compatible, but it would be nice to remain consistent01:39
mikolajwlkcl: I authorize you to relicense any code I contributed to Libre-SoC under BSD license10:59
mikolajwTo be precise, any code I contributed to Libre-SoC until today11:00
mikolajw(So that it wont apply to any code I contribute to Libre-SoC later :) )11:01
lkclmikolajw, thx11:03
lkclbtw you saw the video i did on nmigen?
lkclaround 5mins - the history and background - runs for about 2 minutes - might be worthwhile listening to11:09
lkclmikolajw, i'll assume you mean that *you* are relicensing any code contributed under the BSD license, and that you are therefore authorising me to do the work to put in the relevant SPDX-License-Headers11:13
lkclstrictly speaking under Copyright Law you can't authorise someone else to relicense copyrighted material, it's really weird, something to do with the Bernstein Convention iirc11:14
mikolajwif you want to be sure I can commit that code to the Nmigen repository myself13:24
mikolajwI agree to you assuming that13:25
lkclsure, perhaps with using the git commit "-s" option?13:25
mikolajwok, should I do it as a GitLab merge request?13:26
lkclahh yeah! that'd work well13:26
lkclif you're busy drop it in somewhere (anywhere) and i can sort out file-naming/class-naming later13:27
cesarlkcl: I'm OK with going on with the simple core and progressing to SVP64.15:50
mikolajwlkcl: I've made a MR. I didn't integrate it, only dropped the files15:52
mikolajwplease let me know if you need anything else in that regard17:16
lkclcesar, fantastic19:04
lkclmikolajw, great, will take a look shortly19:04
cesarprogrammerjake: meeting!21:03

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