Tuesday, 2022-02-08

lkclcesar, your talk's gone live on fosdem https://video.fosdem.org/2022/D.open-hardware/gtkwavecss.webm14:34
lkclshould be on here soon https://fosdem.org/2022/schedule/event/gtkwavecss/14:34
lkcltoday's meeting, we've been invited to consider adapting the NLnet Grants so that they can complete by October 2021 on immediate tasks20:34
lkcltoshywoshy, markos, sadoon_albader[m : for example some could go towards EABI and SFFS compliant bring-up20:34
lkclghostmansd[m], lxo: some will stay on binutils but possibly more could20:35
lkclprogrammerjake, i'd love for some of the 3D and Video opcodes to stay in, do you think you could handle them?20:36
lkclghostmansd[m], kylel, also the test API, i'd really like to do auto-generating of Makefiles to create mini unit tests20:37
lkcland we do need linux kernel and u-boot drivers for peripherals20:38
lkclcesar, we'll keep going on the simple core then progress that to SVP64?20:39
lkclprogrammerjake: oh, and the nmigen DynamicSIMD, that definitely needs completing20:40
lkclmikolajw, you good to carry on the c-based back-end in nmigen? that's quite an important piece for doing the cavatools simulator port20:41
lkclcorrection: we've been invited to adapt the NLnet milestones that are expiring by Oct 1st.  the ones under NGI Assure stay as they are20:42
lkclmeeting's in 1h15m, quite a lot to discuss20:47
mikolajwlkcl: I'm currently working on another, quite large, project that has a high priority for me. So if you need any work on a short notice, please don't wait and feel free to reassign it to someone else21:01
programmerjakedefinitely will need additional discussion at the meeting of what exactly you meant, lkcl21:02
mikolajwand feel free to move anything that I wrote to the Nmigen repository if you need it21:05
mikolajwanything that I wrote for Libre-SoC*21:06
mikolajwAnd, I should say this openly, I'm still not sure if I do want to contribute to Nmigen (for the concerns I expressed earlier, but please let's not discuss that in this channel), so please consider me tentative21:12
markoslkcl, when you say adapt? timewise?21:14
lkcltimewise no, deadline does not move21:39
lkcltoshywoshy, meeting22:05
lkclif you'd like to join22:06
markoslkcl, I'll ping you within the week to arrange a call for the video stuff23:32
programmerjakelkcl we finished the meeting23:32
* lkcl still having connectivity issues, i missed the messages from you both (programmerjake, markos) but can see them in the logs at least https://libre-soc.org/irclog/%23libre-soc.2022-02-08.log.html#t2022-02-08T20:34:0823:43
sadoon_albader[mSlight bummer, it looks like linux itself may have vsx/altivec in it and so our options are slimmed down to building a chroot of gentoo and going from there23:46
sadoon_albader[mI booted on power5 which has altivec and it still failed which tells me it's at least vsx123:46
lkclsadoon_albader[m, this is where the microwatt linux-5.7 kernel comes in.  that definitely doesn't have vsx.23:47
sadoon_albader[mah good thinking!23:47
sadoon_albader[myes we can inject that kernel and test23:47
sadoon_albader[mbut I'm worried other components might have vsx anyways so rebuilding it all from source is a safer and saner option23:48
sadoon_albader[mAlso qemu doesn't have the same "disabling extensions" capabilities on ppc as it does on x8623:48
sadoon_albader[mYou can pick a model but you can't cherry pick the enabled instructions23:49
sadoon_albader[mAnyways I'll report on progress later23:49

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