Friday, 2022-02-11

klysi remember watching a lesson once about out of order execution 'ooe' and how the locking takes place across two instructions, it seems a lock may need to span two instructions with respect to l1 cache.00:03
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lkcl-klys, yes, i had to implement both load and store misaligned, sigh10:17
lkcl-the initial research and design direction was to be completely different from what's gone into loadstore1.py10:18
klyslkcl-, is it working well?10:19
lkcl-we started on a "splitter" which separated out the one misaligned request into two separate aligned ones10:19
lkcl-seems to be10:19
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klyshow's your linux load effort?10:19
lkclthe ulx3s just arrived only yesterday10:20
klysI know you were loading linux from verilog10:20
klysdoes it work?10:20
lkcli didn't let it run for the 60 hours required to find out because it kept running my system out of disk space10:21
klysoh are the ulx3s disks?10:21
klys84K LUT ?10:22
lkclyyeah :)10:22
lkcland SDRAM so it can run below 50 mhz10:22
klysI have an xc6slx6 around here somewhere except I don't dare use it yet10:22
lkclwhich, sigh, is what it will take initially10:22
lkclha :)10:23
klysdo you have an spi flash chip to read too?10:23
lkclmost of these FPGA boards have an on-board SPI NOR, however yes i have a digilent pmod as well10:24
klys4-16MB quad-spi10:24
lkclso i want to follow / adapt shenki's instructions10:24
lkclif i can get the bios built with the spi flash loading built-in on microwatt for the ulx3s i should be able to use fujprog to upload over usb-uart to its spi flash10:27
lkclmicrowatt already supports the orangecrab so adapting to the ulx3s should not be hard10:27
klyslkcl, is this the same thing?
lkclthat looks like a ulx4m10:32
lkclspecialprice, just for you, straight out of an open source repo without checking if their latest PCB design actually works, brought to you by an enterprising individual... :)10:33
lkclah no it's not a ulx3s at all10:34
lkclno totally different10:34
klyswell, I am curious where to get a ulx3s10:34
lkclexcept they're on backorder (again)10:35
lkclif you really want one i'd suggest ordering one anyway10:35
lkclbut for goodness sake get the 85k10:35
klysah $15510:36
klysis there any way to read the spi chips before flashing?10:36
klysI do wonder about restoring the board to its original condition10:37
lkclujprog and fujprog10:37
klyswell ok then10:37
klysit's 3:30am not too sure if I should be shopping right now  =)10:38
klysthat would be an improvement over my xilinx board though as I would have to use a resistor to read the spi chip on that10:39
lkclthis site in croatia might actually have some in stock
klyswell I'm in utah, usa10:40
lkclnice. try mouser
lkclbut when it's not 3am :)10:41
klyswhat's the current status of the kazan part of libre-soc?10:41
lkclprogrammerjake is the developer on it10:43
klysI was just wondering if it needs updates for load-store10:43
klyswell okay then10:44
lkclah phone call10:45
lkclbtw klys if you intend to help out we can justify funding the FPGA board for you10:52
klyswell I have a job these days, there isn't much time, and I may have to double check your system requirements for building from git10:59
klysI have a quad-core laptop here, 32GB RAM, and about 290 GB free11:01
klyshow many MB is your main build tree?11:02
lkcl32 gb should be fine with nextpnr-ecp511:55
lkcltoolchain-wise should be fine11:56

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