Friday, 2022-02-18

lkcloctavius, awesome - paid already!
lkclremember to update your page so you can keep track00:15
lkclfeel free to cheat if you like by running the budget-sync program00:16
octaviusYep, I was amazed as well! Really rapid turn-around. I update the wiki as well00:19
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programmerjakelkcl: your search+replace was a little overactive:;a=blob;f=src/soc/experiment/;h=57b738c6641bbe7e7975fe16e6d6fd71957f7268;hb=57b738c6641bbe7e7975fe16e6d6fd71957f7268#l7404:07
programmerjakei added grev to soc, just waiting on the formal proof to finish running, it takes at least 20min with no indication of doing anything05:42
programmerjakefinally finished (it finished a while ago)!06:05
lkclprogrammerjake, yeah i was in the middle of doing that one (by hand) and must have done "git commit -a" not "git commit"11:17
lkclyeah that sounds pretty high but nothing like as bad as if using a multiply operator11:18
lkcloh you added it to the shift_rot proof, yeah that one iirc already takes a horrendous amount of time11:42
lkclbtw if you wanted to get quite a lot of $EUR quite quickly, completing the shift_rot formal correctness proofs would be a good way to do it11:44
lkcl3 people have tried doing it already, there's something really skewy going on, some input combinations that are "wiggling about" and we havne't been able to nail them down11:45
lkclthey're combinations of inputs to the module that are not actually used (and never will be) by actual operations11:46
lkclbut unless you actually tell a Formal Correctness Proof that (with Assumes) it happily finds them for you sigh11:47
programmerjakei can work on the shift/rot proof21:47
lkclthat would be brilliant22:21
* lkcl has a VERSA_ECP5 running at 50mhz with Jean Thomas' DDR3 PHY/Controller22:21
lkclwhich is great news22:21
lkclit means it stands a chance of booting linux on a 45k LUT4 FPGA22:22
programmerjakelkcl, do you need to do anything else for the nlnet gigabit router grant, or are you just waiting on nlnet?23:00
lkclit needs to go to michiel23:07
programmerjakeif there's something you haven't got around to yet for that, can you do that soon? thx!23:08
rscWhat's the plan for the gigabit router in detail? Making it a multi-port router?23:21
programmerjakemostly that we're building a router as an excuse to improve cryptographic algorithms on libre-soc. i'd assume the router will have at least 2 ethernet ports...iirc it was planned to have 4 tho I can't find any references at the moment and i may be misremembering23:27
programmerjakealso to get libre-soc onto skywater130 iirc23:28

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