Saturday, 2022-02-19

lkclanton really struggled to get microwatt into 10 mm^201:39
lkcland ls2 (2nd ASIC) will be about 100 mm^2 in 180nm, so half that for 130 nm is estimated 50 mm^201:41
lkclprogrammerjake, email michiel. but first add each bugreport full URL link into the Schedule A10:33
lkcli'm overloaded10:33
markoslkcl, what is a good day for you to have a call reg. video SVP64 code?12:01
markosjust fixed a long standing bug yesterday so I am a bit better wrt time these days12:01
lkclhow about monday?12:17
lkclmarkos, i've no other meetings monday12:21
markosmonday is good for me too12:21
lkclnot too early, if that's ok :)  after 12:00 UTC? any time's good12:23
markoscould we do it a couple of hours later?12:59
lkclthrew together the libdram firmware from a hybrid of microwatt bare-metal programs and the gram library16:18
lkclnow compiling it into the VERSA_ECP5 to see if it works16:19
lkclsimulation at least shows the UART working but there's no verilator simulation for the DRAM so i can't test that16:19
tplatenI'm trying to install nmigen-boards which fails. I've posted a mail to the list16:22
lkcltplaten, under no circumstances utilise the trademark-infringing amaranth16:32
lkclyou need only get the 32 lines of code here and place it into a file16:32
lkclyou should already have nmigen-boards installed by the libre-soc dev-env-setup scripts16:33
lkcli repeat, UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES utilise the trademark-infringing amarath16:33
lkclyou can if you want to re-run the dev-env-setup scripts in a separate chroot but if you already have them installed and already have nextpnr-ecp5 installed then you have everything that you need, already16:34
tplatenOK, i'll use that one:
tplatenI ran the scripts some month ago16:51
lkclbest to use gitlab16:51
lkcli updated the dev-env-scripts to point to gitlab16:51
lkclhmmm that's a 25k ECP516:52
tplatenonce that is fixed, I can try that test.16:52
tplatenUnfortunately LUNA Now Uses Amaranth HDL, the project looks quite interesting16:53
lkclyes i know. it's quite disturbing and shocking how the entire HDL community has completely disregarded Trademark Law and basic respect16:54
lkcla temporary "hack" of you can substitute line 1416:55
lkcl    device      = "LFE5U-85F"16:55
tplatenUntil half a year ago, I was unaware that nMigen is trademarked.16:56
lkclit took some considerable time for Sebastien to prepare it.17:04
lkclwe (Libre-SOC) and Toshaan Bharvani are the authorised maintainers of nmigen, under License by M-Labs.17:04
lkclwe're literally the only team protected by - and compliant with - Trademark Law.17:05
tplatenWhat are the Amaranth developers doing wrong, the software License is the BSD-2-Clause and Trademark law is completely different from Copyright law.17:08
lkclyes, ok so you know that they are two completely different branches of Law17:08
lkcland that you have to comply with both17:08
lkcland, further, that compliance with just one of them does *not* confer rights or remove any obligation *to* comply with the other17:09
lkcli.e. just because you are complying with the BSD license does *not* automatically eliminate or remove a need to comply with Trademark Law17:09
tplatenI've read, but the Trademark thing is harder to understand17:10
lkclyes it is, because it's just not so commonly used in FOSS17:10
lkclbut basically it protects "reputation".17:10
lkclit provides actual legal teeth for your "reputation"17:11
lkclso you know that if there is no Copyright License, you have to go to the author to ask permission?17:11
tplatenAnd "reputation" may be damaged my renaming or forking a project17:11
lkclwell, if the fork is a "minor" one that does not change the API, then yes, that's fine17:12
tplatenFor copyright I know, and for Trademarks I thing there is some asking for permission too.17:12
lkcland if the "renaming" is done in such a way that the owner of the Trademark's business is literally destroyed, then yes, that's clearly "damage"17:12
lkclsuch as stating "nmigen is DEAD.  it HAS been RENAMED to amaranth"17:13
lkcli mean, that's so blindly obviously completely destroying nmigen and nmigen's reputation that i'm deeply shocked at the total ignorance of the developers of the consequences of their actions17:13
lkclyes, there is, i was going to say, "default permissions" for Trademarks, as well17:14
tplatenThat is clearly a false statement. nmigen is stable software that is still maintained. When changing the API you can do that in a 2.0 branch without renaming.17:14
lkclyou can *use* a Trademark without seeking permission, as long as you *only* use it.17:14
lkclby default, distribution is not permitted.17:15
lkcli know!17:15
tplatenThat is definively too complex for me.17:15
lkclwell, if you change the API (any changes), it could cause harm to the main Trademark, by making it "incompatible".  that would hurt the Trademark's reputation.17:16
lkclyes, it's complex.  we're covered because we have sought - and obtained - a Trademark license as the exclusive maintainers17:16
tplatenI now continue on the orangecrab-examples.17:17
lkclok :)17:17
lkcljust take those 32 lines of code, blink.py17:17
tplatenI'll do17:17
lkclmodify in nmigen-boards to say "LFE5U-85F"17:18
lkcland it should work.17:18
lkcli should have mine soon17:18
lkclthe parcelforce website is offline at the moment, doh17:18
lkcloh you will need dfu-util17:19
lkclgit clone git://
lkclwe really need a new dev-env-setup script which installs fujprog, dfu-util, and all the other installers like openocd17:20
tplatendone: modify in nmigen-boards to say "LFE5U-85F"17:22
lkcli'll have to create a new board definition which overrides that17:26
lkclor something17:27
lkclsimilar to how it's done for the ulx3s17:27
tplatenOrangeCrabR0_2_85k_Platform looks good.17:31

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