Tuesday, 2022-02-22

programmerjakeidk if it's just me, but I didn't get the email from the mailing list from bugzilla:09:54
programmerjakeit arrived, the server must just be slow10:03
lkclgoogle sometimes rate-limits, especially for systems that run mailing lists11:16
lkclnothing can be done about it, google - and all recipient email servers - are out of our control11:16
lkclthe loadavg on the server is 0.0911:17
lkclany mail server is entitled and permitted to state "please try later" for any reason they choose.11:45
lkclthey do not even have to give a reason11:45
lkclof course, if that mail server keeps on stating "please try later" for a total of 1 week, then the sender is entitled to notify the sender "yeah i gave up"11:46
lkclthis is nothing new, and web servers are entitled to do the same thing (indicate "too busy" or "too many simultaneous connections")11:47
markosis there a meeting in 10min today?21:48
programmerjakeyes, afaict22:01
markosyes, apparently :)22:01

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