Wednesday, 2022-02-23

markoslkcl, interesting, a couple of days ago you mentioned to me the Gray code and now I see it in the New Order Blue Monday video on youtube (the rotary encoder anyway) : :)14:52
markosI had seen the video before but I had no idea what it was :)14:53
lkclmarkos, wow that's cool!14:55
lkclyes, binary obviously changes 0111 + 1 ==> 1000 which is 4-bits changed14:56
lkcland a rotary wheel would freak out at that14:56
markossomeone in the video clip team must have been a real geek :)14:56
lkcllikewise fascinatingly on a FIFO that crosses 2 clock domains14:57
lkclhaha yeah14:57
lkclarrrgh i hadn't passed cache-inhibit through LDST PortInterface on ldzcix/lhzcix/stwcix16:54
lkcltplaten, once i have this solved you should be able to run DDR3 memory on the orangecrab17:23
lkcli don't have a soldering iron yet so i can't wire up a UART to the orangecrab17:23
lkclwhich all of us should do (and document), programmerjake as well is getting one17:24
lkcli mean, we _could_ put in an opencores usb1.0 peripheral, write some USB-to-UART firmware and have it work that way but it's a hell of a lot of hassle17:25
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lkclcesar, sadoon_albader[m octavius meeting!21:04

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