Thursday, 2022-02-24

sadoon_albader[mWas asleep :(05:57
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lkclmarkos, have you seen this
markosno, thanks that's very interesting11:32
lkclit's hosted on ibm cloud server14:10
lkclso i am guessing here it's created by an IBM employee.  somewhere14:10
lkclprogrammerjake, that's brilliant you got the shiftrot formal proof working.18:36
lkclyes, the format is a frickin pain in the ass. i think what probably happened is they 'upgraded' a 32 bit format (which would have 5 bits) as best they could, by finding N.E.Other (6th) bit from... somewhere18:37
lkclof course it doesn't help that everything's MSB0-ordered in the spec, sigh18:38
tplatenI can run make microwatt_external_core without errors, today I am busy with other things, I'll continue tomorrow.19:12
tplatenUnrelated to libre-soc I had a chat with a v-sekai developer, I now have godot4 running on my Talos II, currently without Vulkan, I get a No DRI3 support detected - required for presentation error message.19:14
tplatenThe workaround is to use  --display-driver x11 --rendering-driver opengl319:14 you have the libraries installed and a new enough kernel? what gpu do you have?19:17
programmerjakelkcl: :) does the 2000 eur sound fine? should i go ahead and submit an rfp or should I wait for you to review my code?19:19
tplatenI have an AST2500 on my Talos II, so I do software rendering on my 90 Watts POWER9. With SVP64 you can do that in 2.5 Watts. The Talos II can be upgraded up to 380 Watt in CPU horsepower.19:23
tplatenThe kernel version is 5.10.0-9-powerpc64le.19:24
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lkclprogrammerjake, just go ahead, it's fine19:56
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