Wednesday, 2022-03-02

programmerjakeoh, neat -- I was looking through nextpnr and related's docs while I was waiting for it to compile, and I noticed that (fpga database for Lattice's 28nm "Nexus") is all written in Rust using PyO303:04
programmerjakewell, I got the nmigen-boards blinky demo to run03:38
lkclprogrammerjake, awesome10:50
lkclnext bigger challenge would be to get microwatt running, and help add instructions here
lkclokaay am back on track.15:20
lkclstoopid error, i forgot to add the name of the coldboot firmware binary file to the build command15:21
lkclwhich of course meant "hey you have no instructions to run!"15:21
lkclthe symptoms are no different from "the i-cache isn't working"15:21
octaviusWhat a beautiful project:
octaviusRPi tablet dock type of thing18:33
lkcli really liked the motorola atrix lapdock18:44
lkclesp. given it was basically a USB OTG plus an HDMI input18:45
lkclwhen someone worked that out they sold really well because people connected them to SBCs18:45
lkcl10 hr battery life18:45
octaviusOh yes, I remember looking at that! Now are probably kinda rare18:53
lkclmotorola put DRM in an updated version so that they were no longer useable18:53
octaviusoh great18:59
octaviusWhat is it with companies killing their market potential?18:59
programmerjakeit's cuz they like control more than the extra customers...19:01

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