Thursday, 2022-03-03

programmerjaketrying out
programmerjakeit has some extra code that makes the orangecrab's usb interface look to the host computer like a usb serial device connected to microwatt's uart interface, that way, an external usb serial adaptor isn't needed00:39
programmerjake(my external usb serial adaptor is 5v, and I wanted to try this before I have to build a level shifter)00:39
programmerjakealso, no extra connector makes it waay easier to use00:40
lkclprogrammerjake, nice!01:23
lkclthe valentyusb.lpf constraints file however.. mmm... yeah that needs cleaning up (removing wishbone from it)01:25
programmerjakecompiled and flashed it, currently running wireshark trying to debug the usb01:26
lkclthe constraints lpf file isn't actually mapping anything from verilog i/o signals to actual pins01:27
lkcllook at other .lpf files you'll see what i mean01:28
programmerjakeit does show up and enumerate, so the pins at least are correct afaict01:28
programmerjakeit enumerates as: "Microwatt on OrangeCrab"01:31
programmerjakehmm, not responding to URB_BULK in01:41
programmerjake...i think01:42
programmerjakeI'm guessing the default hello hex file isn't the right one to use, trying usb_hello02:05
programmerjakeit requires running `cd usb_hello; ln -s ../hello_world/head.S .; make`02:07
programmerjake$ rg usb_pullup02:13
programmerjake13:LOCATE COMP "usb_pullup" SITE "N2";02:13
programmerjake17:IOBUF PORT "usb_pullup" IO_TYPE=LVCMOS33;02:13
programmerjakeso that's where it constrains the usb signals to the correct probably merges the two lpf files or just ignores the valentyusb one since it's used as a submodule02:15
programmerjakewell, the usb interface works, but nothing beyond that seems to work...though the alternate reset input works (the orangecrab's button)02:34
programmerjakefor reference, the command I used, after running the above ln and make commands in usb_hello:02:41
programmerjakesudo make FPGA_TARGET=ORANGE-CRAB-0.21 dfuprog DOCKER=1 RAM_INIT_FILE=usb_hello/usb_hello.hex MEMORY_SIZE=$((1<<18))02:41
programmerjakeleft a comment:
programmerjakewhat fun:
mshprogrammerjake: (I'm @mkj on github) good idea for the delayed usb reset03:38
mshat the moment a uart write will block waiting for the host side to read the usb serial anyway, so output won't get lost03:39
mshI'll try a build of that valentyusb pull request here a bit later. what're you using to talk to usb serial on the host side? (I ask because at one point I was using "cat /dev/ttyUSBwhatever" and it didn't work properly)03:42
programmerjakeI used tio03:45
programmerjakemsh thx for working on it!04:26
* lkcl welcomes msh09:37
lkclthat's an enormous VM.09:39

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