Saturday, 2022-03-05

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programmerjakei have mixed feelings about that...having nvidia's drivers be open source and their video cards not be nerfed would be really neat, otoh i don't condone hacking or blackmail...02:45
lkclprogrammerjake, taking up that much bram will cause pressure on routing on the FPGA and also stop allocation of BRAM for other purposes, such as register files and L1 caches11:13
lkcli'm not seeing a technical reason to drop it as low as 8 or 16k though11:14
lkclbut the VERSA_ECP5 (45k) doesn't have nearly that much BRAM11:15
lkclprogrammerjake: the problems are multiple. any such source code is a "poisoned chalice". absolutely nobody would be able to use it18:27
lkclthey will have dozens of lawyers right now advising them that if they go ahead, to do so without an appropriate Copyright License, but to ensure that absolutely every single file says "Copyright NVidia, All Rights Reserved"18:28
lkclanyone - anyone at all - then using it, can be sued for Copyright infringment18:28
lkclthe second issue is a much bigger concern18:29
lkclNVidia "throttle" their GPU Cards for very good reasons (due to a design decision, which they only have themselves to blame for)18:29
lkcli have a suspicion that they throttle their GPU Cards to make sure that they don't overheat18:30
lkclbut they then have a process by which temperature monitoring - *in software* - ensures that you don't damage the card (and set fire to your machine)18:30
lkclconsequently if anyone "gets the source code" and goes "oh yeah i can run this at super-speed", they could end up harming themselves18:31
lkclor, worse, hack into someone's system, run the GPU at full whack, and set fire to someone's house or their data centre.18:32
lkclGenerally Bad (TM) all round18:32

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