Sunday, 2022-03-13

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lkclmarkos, programmerjake,
lkclthat gives a single instruction which can create the masks for pmovmaskb/etc15:30
lkclit can produce patterns 0x1111.... 0x010101... 0x00010001... as well as 0x8888.... 0x8080... 0x80008000...15:31
lkcland tons more.  0x40004000 0xc0c0c0c0 etc. etc15:31
lkclthe pair of LUT2s work like "game of life" :)15:32
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programmerjakeimho svp64 compare signed byte vector with 0 writing the results into an integer mask is exactly pmovmaskb, why should grevlut be contorted to reproduce that operation?20:08
programmerjakebasically pmovmaskb is `sv.ori./elwid=8 r10.v, r10.v, 0; sv.crrweird r3.s, cr6.v, LT`20:20

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