Tuesday, 2022-03-15

lkclprogrammerjake, i took a look at the bm* functions and i think they can - and should be adapted to use MASK()09:05
lkclespecially bmextract which could do wrapping-extract09:06
lkcland use RA=0 to do the "get a mask" thing09:07
programmerjakereading through the bmextrev code...you say "bitmask extract with reverse. can be done by bitinverting all of RA and getting bits of RA from the opposite end."09:08
programmerjakeimho that's wrong. RA should not be bit inverted.09:08
programmerjakemaybe you we're thinking of RB?09:09
programmerjakein any case, i'm going to sleep now, 2am here...have fun with MASK-ifying the bm* ops!09:10
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lkclbmrev is from AndesSTAR's and Richard Herveille's PackedSIMD RV proposal09:13
lkclprogrammerjake, nice touch on the embedded examples10:24
lkclway tidier10:24
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